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Özge Tor Vural – Managing director and founder of medicalfly GmbH


Managing director and founder of medicalfly GmbH

About me

My name is Özge Tor Vural and I am 38 years old.
In 2007, I was in a similar situation like you. It was my biggest wish to have my eyes lasered because I had big problems with my contact lenses and glasses.

I was a student and could not bear the high costs at that time.

I started to inform myself in the Turkish region. It did not take me long to realize that Turkey has a very high standard in the field of medicine. The hospitals work with the most modern technical equipment and have highly trained doctors.
When I told my acquaintances and friends about it, most of them reacted with great interest and asked me many questions. So after some time I started researching for my friends and advising them in their search. In addition to eye lasers, many people were interested in other medical treatments, with a particular focus on hair transplants and plastic surgery.

This led to many years of experience in the field of medical tourism, participation in exhibitions and congresses all over the world, meeting a great number of highly qualified specialists and talking to the most famous and renowned hospitals in Turkey.
Now I am the founder and managing director of medicalfly GmbH.

What do I do at medicalfly?

We are specialized in arranging medical treatments abroad. We organize medical trips to Turkey, but also from foreign countries to Germany.
medicalfly GmbH is one of the most renowned medical tourism brokers in Germany.

My goal was to unite my two home countries, Germany and Turkey, in one job. Already as a small child this was my wish. Since I enjoy organizing, communicating, travelling and being a born executive, I took the initiative after four years of research to found medicalfly GmbH as the sole shareholder in 2012.

Today, four years later, I have gained great recognition in the industry and have become a specialist in the field. I love my job.

What do I like most about my work?

On the one hand, I was able to realize my wish to unite my two home countries in my profession, which fills me with great joy. On the other hand, it is working with people that makes my profession so valuable to me. We make people happy and realize their dreams. They change through our help not only externally, but also mentally. To experience this change is what strengthens me in my work.

What do I like about Berlin?

I am originally from Bremen – but after the 3rd semester of my studies I noticed that I want to broaden my horizon. That’s why I came to Berlin. I wanted to develop myself and have the opportunity at any time to continue my education, get to know other people, find new friendships and live in a big metropolis. I wanted to go where something was going on.

Meryem Koyun – Backoffice Management


About me

Hello, my name is Meryem Koyun and I am studying to become a teacher at the University of Potsdam. I started to study directly after my high school graduation, but I was still able to gain professional experience since I was 16 years old, as I had various part-time jobs. I did a semester abroad in Barcelona and therefore speak fluent Spanish. Besides, I speak fluent Turkish and English.

What do I do at medicalfly?

At medicalfly I am an International Patient Coordinator. I am responsible for the customer consultation and inform about various procedures in Turkey. My knowledge of languages such as English, Turkish and Spanish allows me to advise customers. I also work in the back office and am responsible for optimizing service management. I take care of the design of offers, brochures, newsletters and texts. My tasks include writing and translating various texts.

What do I like most about my work?

I enjoy working at medicalfly so much because it is incredibly versatile and varied and I never get bored. The job combines many different areas and furthermore, I work a lot independently, can let my creativity and imagination run free and at the same time always learn something new. The work at medicalfly includes various fields of activity which have to be handled independently and on one’s own responsibility. It gives me joy to be in contact with different people and to help them realize their dream.

Gamze Agbas – International Patient Coordinator and nurse


About me

My name is Gamze.
As a trained specialist nurse, I worked in the health system for many years. I was able to gain experience in many areas of medicine and thus broaden my horizons. With the decision to move to Turkey, I was able to combine my specialist knowledge with my language skills and thus start a new life branch. Now I am available as your contact person.

What do I do at medicalfly?

As a team leader in Izmir, I coordinate your trip from the first contact to the entire organization. As part of your process – both organizationally and in the care before and after the intervention – I represent the bridge between you and the professional team in Izmir.
We see your satisfaction, your well-being and your holistic care as our highest priority.

What do I like most about my work?

The connection between man and medicine has always fascinated me. And if this can also be done without a language barrier and people from different countries can be helped to realize their dreams, this fulfills me both mentally and professionally.
The versatility, the encounter of many cultures from all over the world, the professional organization & the holistic support characterize my job. The motivation and love for the job is what sets me apart.

Awa Chegeny


About me

Hello, my name is Awa Chegeny and I am 21 years old. I am currently studying law at the Humboldt University in Berlin, which was the main reason for my move to my new adopted home in Berlin.
I was born in Hamburg and grew up mainly there, but I love the world and travelling. I spent one year each in Costa Rica and Argentina, which is why I speak German, English and Farsi, my mother tongue, as well as Spanish.

What do I do at medicalfly?

If you call us in the evening, it is quite possible that you talk to me. I am responsible for the worries and needs of our patients even in late hours, so that you can reach us comfortably outside regular working hours. Apart from consulting and organization, I’m actually responsible for everything else that comes up.

What do I like most about my work?

Every day at medicalfly is different, just as individual as our patients are, of course, so are the procedures. You get so many insights into the lives of so many different people and I find it wonderful to be able to advise people facing such important decisions as best I can.
It is also amazing to be able to work in a team in which everyone acts in one direction. Our main goal is to have happy and satisfied patients and we all try to contribute something to it.

Mikail Vural – Backoffice


About me

Hi, my name is Mikail Vural. I am 21 years old and am studying International Business Administration at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt/Oder. My flexibility extends from my place of residence to the tasks within the company.

What do I do at medicalfly?

In 2016 I graduated from a technical college with a degree in technical assistant for product design in Berlin. Through the impressions of my education, my sense of aesthetics and design was strengthened. That’s what got me into this business. I am engaged in picture and video editing and work in the back office.

What do I like most about my work?

I think it’s important as a young person that you keep developing yourself and don’t settle for something you can already do. The aura of further development can be felt not only in yourself, but also in the development of medicalfly. One can be proud to watch oneself and the company grow as well.