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Follow-up & Complication Insurance in Germany after your surgery in Turkey

The safety of our customers is our top priority at all times.

In Turkey, we therefore cooperate with the most renowned surgeons and hospitals – our aim is to provide medical services of the highest quality.

But even after the procedure, we do not leave our customers alone. With our cooperation doctor in Berlin, we have brought a contact person in Germany on board who, in the event of any complications – which can never be completely ruled out in medical interventions via telephone and personal consultation hours is reachable.

Self-optimization is one of our most important company principles and with this in mind we have now looked for a cooperation partner who will additionally secure the post-operative care and relieve our customers’ last concerns: for example what will happen and when something will go wrong when back in Germany.

Our clients can benefit from the Follow-Up Insurance for up to 5 years on demand.

Despite the greatest care, complications from cosmetic surgery, like any medical treatment, can never be avoided with certainty.

Although the costs for medical follow-up treatments are usually covered by health insurance companies, the situation is different with cosmetic surgery.
Since this is a voluntary and not medically necessary treatment, the costs are usually not covered by health insurance companies.

The follow-up treatment costs can vary depending on the treatment required, from the treatment costs themselves to material costs, any costs for anesthesia, hospital bills or costs for new implants. In such cases, our partner medassure will step in for you and you will not be left alone with the costs!

This additional security should allow you to fully concentrate on your treatment.
You don’t have to do anything after booking your trip and you are protected against unexpected costs in case of possible complications!

For more information you can contact us now!

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