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Do not hesitate to entrust all your wishes and desires to medicalfly. We will be happy to give you detailed counselling and after consulting our partner hospital we will respond to all your questions and expectations in a free consultation.

Our hair co-determines our whole body image. Every woman wants to have beautiful hair, as so to express herself with different hairstyles and colours. Often hair can also be an important criteria for partner choice, as most people consider healthy and thick hair to be attractive. Hence, it is quite understandable that people suffering from hair loss are dissatisfied with this situation.

However, most of the time women’s hair loss, can be a complex issue. If the desire for hair transplant is not due to an inherited high forehead or temporal lack of hair, various other reasons can be listed.
Hormonal imbalance, pregnancies, lack of iron and stress are frequent causes of hair loss that affected women cannot counteract. The only way to regain thicker hair is undergoing hair transplant surgery.

If you have further questions related to hair transplant do not hesitate to call us or contact us via e-mail.
We will be happy to provide detailed information.


‘Hair makes the man’, and accordingly researchers have in fact found out how important our hair is. Hair sets signals and co-determines at first glance whether we look vital, attractive or well-groomed.

Accordingly, people with hair loss suffer tremendously from this condition. Many people constantly try to hide their head and are ashamed to show it.

Often they have to struggle with mockery of their environment and have difficulties accepting their new appearance.

So why suffering from hair loss, if there is a permanent solution to this problem?


Turkey is one of the leading marketplaces for hair transplant and received an award therefor in 2015. We, as medicalfly can report long and successful cooperation with our partners in Turkey.

In  this context, quality is of utmost importance. State-of-the-art medical technology, which is subject to regular inspections, is used.  On site, a chauffeur will be at your side. He will ensure that you are taken from the airport to the hotel and from there to the hospital for all your appointments and then back again to the hotel.

Furthermore, we will support you at every step and will be at your side even months after the hair transplant. Thus we will ensure that you will be thoroughly taken care of, by us.



After the grafts are extracted with the FUE method, they are put in a cold  solution, which is used in various medical areas for the preservation of cell    tissue and organs. Free radicals are removed and thus, the vitality of the grafts are improved.

The temperature is very important in this regard, as unsteady temperature has to be avoided. To ensure steadiness in temperature it is measured by a digital thermometer.

According to physicians, the ICE-Graft hair transplant  technique leads to  stronger growing hair follicles and consequently better outcomes.

Before starting the journey, thus before the intervention, the root cause has to be determined. Most of the time the causes for women’s hair loss is difficult to detect.

If the desire for hair transplant is not due to an inherited high forehead or temporal lack of hair, we will ask you to send us some tests, which you can get done by a dermatologist of your trust. Thus we will ensure that you won’t suffer further from hair loss after the hair transplant and that the  result will not be ruined.

In our partner hospital, blood tests will be done directly prior to the intervention and blood will be drawn for the PRP method, also called auto-blood therapy, which will be performed subsequent to the hair transplant surgery. This therapy involves the injection of plasma, cultivated from blood, into the scalp to trigger cell activation.

After blood extraction, the procedure of hair transplant to be chosen will be discussed with the patient and the  shape determined and sketched. The subsequent procedure to be chosen is strongly dependent on the actual causes of hair loss.  The FUE method, involves the extraction of hairs for transplantation from the back of the head. Hereby,  usually the area of extraction will be shaved to reach the follicles including the hairs. In most of the  cases this step cannot be omitted, whereby the area to be shaved will be chosen, so that it can be covered by other hair and will not be visible.

After sending us pictures you can already be informed in advance about the procedure to be used in your case.

The region of the head will be locally (needle-free) anaesthetised. To extract the grafts, the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method will be used.  This means a micro-motor, that is, a hollow needle supported by an electronic motor will be used for harvesting the grafts. Depending on the number of hairs, the grafts are sorted out according a certain pattern for the subsequent transplant, so that the final result will be as natural as possible.

After a little resting time for the patient, the upper part of the head will be will be numbed with a local anaesthetic (needle-free)

The correct processing of the next step is crucial and determines how the final result will look like.

Therefore, it is very important that this step be taken by a specialist with many years of experience.

With an extraction needle little incisions will be made and thereby canals are formed into which the grafts are gradually implanted one by one.

At this point, we would like to give you a rough overview of the procedure, so that you can already have an idea in advance about how to have a hair transplant surgery in Turkey.

First of all, you have to contact us via e-mail or telephone. After you have told us about all your wishes and we have clarified all your related questions, we will ask you to send us pictures, which we will forward to our partner hospital. Upon evaluation of these pictures, we will pass on all information to you and send you a written offer.

If you decide to have surgery, we will send you an order confirmation, which you should sign and send back to us.

Your hair transplant in Turkey will be completely organised and mediated by medicalfly. Starting from day 1 we take you by the hand and support you at every step.

In accordance with our partner hospital, we clarify all your questions beforehand on the phone, so that there are no more unanswered questions or concerns left.

Also in Turkey we will be at your side. As soon as you are at the airport, a chauffeur will pick you up and take you to a cooperation-hotel.

The next day you will be taken by the same chauffeur from the hotel to the hospital for a preliminary talk, followed by the surgery itself.

After the intervention, you will be taken to the hotel and for all follow-up examinations back again to the hospital, so that you will be ready to fly back home, eventually

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There are almost no risks involved, as it is your own hair that is being transplanted.