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We are repeatedly asked why our offer is based on the indication of the maximal number of grafts and not billed per graft. Actually, there is a very simple explanation for this, with which we can persuade each of our patients and make them happy.

According to the pictures sent by you, a precise estimation of the number of grafts is not always possible. Unlike our competitors, who always indicate a high number of grafts to win the patient, we prefer to evaluate the patient realistically.

Every patient will be taken care of and get counselling individually. In most cases more grafts will be transplanted and the patient is guaranteed not to pay more for them. As our team in Istanbul strives for the best results, they want the outcome of your transplant to be perfect and you to be satisfied.

If we calculated the costs according to individual grafts, the costs could always change and vary on-site. However, it is not acceptable for us  that our clients could have the feeling a high cost estimation was made on purpose.

Thus you can be sure that no additional costs will be charged on-site.

Here you can find the Hamilton Norwood scale, to give you an overview about the degree of the hair loss and number of grafts need.


Class 1 represents normal hair growth and no visible hair loss.
No hair transplant needed.


Class 2 is characterised by the beginning of recession of the hair line and at the sides of the forehead (the temporal area)  thus a ‘receding line’ is formed. 1.500 Grafts


Class 3  more significant recession of patients’ front temporal hairline (over the temples) and also at the sides of the forehead. In stage 3 Vertex, hair loss starts significantly on the vertex.
2.000 – 2.500 Grafts


Class 4 decisive lack of hair on the crown is noticeable or the patient has significant hair loss at the sides of the forehead, over the temples (front temporal region)
3.000 Grafts


Class 5 with lack of hair predominantly at the vertex and crown region, hair loss takes significant forms.  Hair transplant at this stage needs  more grafts to provide coverage and fullness.
3.500 – 4.000 Grafts


Class 6 Patients have extensive hair loss, however, still have donor regions. Hair in these regions can still lead to excellent results. In two sessions approximately 4.000 – 4.500 Grafts


Class 7 Patients have the most extensive hair loss. Sufficient regions with donor hair to harvest may still exist, but the results will be limited.
4.000 – 5.000 Grafts