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Our hair is one of our biggest assets. The hair changes our overall look, style and definitely affects our confidence. Baldness and hair-loss, while commonly seen amongst men, they are also a problem that some women also have to deal with. Baldness may result from many reasons such as; heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions, surgeries or a normal part of aging. What ever the reason is medicalfly is here for you. By contacting medicalfly, you can take your first step you getting your youth back. When you contact medicalfly you can get all the information you need about the operation along with a free consultation from our partner experts.

  • Dealing with baldness for a long time that it affects your mental health
  • Wanting to change your appearance
  • If the donor area of the hair is still strong
  • If you are found suitable for the operation by our partner expert
  • Wanting to benefit from many years of experience of the hair transplant specialists in Turkey

You can apply to medicalfly and our partner experts to get an individual treatment plan to find out whether you are suitable for the operation and approximate amount of grafts to be used.


We will advise you personally or by telephone about hair transplantation in consultation with our partner surgeon.


The treatment takes place after detailed information and discussion examinations by our partner surgeon and specialist in plastic surgery.


You start your life with a new feeling – and we will stay by your side: your well-being is still important to us and you can contact us again at any time.

With the medicalfly guarantee

Have a question?
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You can contact our team anytime or fill in the contact form in order to receive an individual treatmen plan after consulting our partner doctors and detailed information about your desired treatment. With our medicalfly guarantee, we not only advise you before the operation, but also support you in the procedure afterwards for a certain period of time for a unique experience.

How Is the FUE Hair Transplant Process in Turkey?

Depending on your health status, amount of hair loss, the donor area and the thickness of the hair, our partner expert decide whether you are suitable for the operation and the amount of grafts can be used to get the most affective results for you. As a result of our preoperational check-ups our partner expert decides on the best treatment plan for you and explains the procedure to you in detail.

The operation is performed under local anesthesia. Then the FUE method is used to remove the grafts with a micromotor, usually from the back of the head. This area is generally shaved before the procedure for an easy access. This area is called “donor area” since the hair is very strong and has minimal risk of hair-loss even after planted.

The grafts are collected in special containers and are kept under the optimal circumstances to prevent deteriorations in the hair structure. Those are lately planted in to the “channels” that are opened by a professional in the bald area.
The operation can last up to 8-10 hours and there are steps to follow after the operation for a successful healing process, which will be explained to you both by our team and our partner expert after the operation.

How to Prepare for FUE Hair Transplant Operation in Turkey?

Before the operation it is important not to consume caffeine however on the operation day you should have a proper breakfast. Smoking and consuming alcohol should be stopped 2 weeks prior to the surgery, any metal object or artificial nails should be removed from your body before the surgery, and blood thinners also should be stopped.
You should consult medicalfly regarding your regularly used medication.
Be sure to bring comfortable clothes with your while your travel to Turkey. Also make sure to prepare ahead for your personal care items. On the operation date it is important to be wearing a shirt with a zipper or buttons.

After the FUE Hair Transplant Operation

  • Approximately 3 weeks after the operation it is normal to see shedding
  • Hair will start growing after the 3rd month
  • You will be recommended not to smoke or drink alcohol for at least 2 weeks after the operation
  • Moderate physical exercise can be done after two weeks, strenuous physical exercises can only be done after one month.
  • Usage of any medication should also be suspended for 2 weeks. (Besides the medication given for your hair care)
  • Hair wash should only be done with mild & low-pressure water.
  • We ask you not towear any tight bonnets, hats or caps and protect your head from strikes, blows and scratches.

Rules besides these will be explained to you in detail by the hair transplant expert and the medicalfly team and all your questions be answered in the best manner.

The FUE Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey and Financial Solutions.

To get information about the FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey with medicalfly, you can click here, reach our team or fill out the form.
medicalfly’s 15 years of experience in health tourism also creates financing opportunities for you in plastic surgeries if you are living in Germany or Austria. You can reach our experienced, reliable, transparent partner institutions here.


from 2.000 €


Care products

Neck pillow

2 nights in a 4 **** hotel

Always included

Complete transfer service


Blood draw and laboratory costs

German and English speaking support

Post Operative follow up and emergency contact by our Partner Doctor in Germany

Personal advice

Control appointments

Medication in the hospital

Advice and support before and after the operation

What Are the Risks of The FUE Hair Transplant Operation?

As with any procedure, hair transplant also involves certain risks such as infections, feelings of tension, numbness and swellings. However, these are very low with hair transplant and are mostly caused by the lack of qualification of the medical staff which can be avoided by the right choice of medical staff and clinic.


We as medicalfly never leave you alone during the whole process. Your unique experience will start by reaching us and having a free consultation about FUE Hair Transplant Operation with our team. You will receive an individual treatment plan prepared by our partner expert and after your appointment date is fixed, we will handle all the booking process for you. On your arrival, our VIP transfer service will pick you up from the airport and bring you to you. Our English/German speaking team members will meet you and guide you throughout the process. After meeting our partner expert and having detailed information, the operation will take place. After being discharged, you will be taken to your hotel by our VIP transfer service. On the date of your departure, you will be brought to the airport and medicalfly team will still keep in touch with you after your operation. We will always be by your side.

Thanks to medicalfly’s experience and reliability in the field of health tourism, you can have the opportunity to pay in instalments by applying to our partner lending institutions. Our clients living in Germany and Austria can contact our partner lending institutions by clicking here.

medicalfly team members will always be by your side. Our English/German-speaking colleagues will handle all the translation and personal assistance services during your gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey with medicalfly.

medicalfly, while thinking and plan all the steps, will not leave you alone even after you return. We will keep in touch with you up to a year after you return to your country.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia so that the patient doesn’t feel anything during the procedure. For those who also doesn’t want to feel the local anaesthetic needles, have also another choice of anaesthesia with pressurized anaesthetics are given to the sculp with a special pressure device. The pain after the procedure is controlled easily by painkillers and none of the patients have reported unbearable pain after the procedure.

You can continue your daily activities after 3-4 days without performing heavy physical efforts. The first days after the procedure, it is important to rest and lie down with 2 pillows so that the edema will not collect on the forehead.

With this operation your total stay in Turkey will be planed as 3 days at a 4-star hotel booked by medicalfly. You will not be hospitalized during your stay and your transportation will be carried out by medicalfly.

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