Intimate surgery has grown in popularity in recent years. In certain cases she can help people to feel more comfortable and self-confident about themselves and especially in interpersonal relationships.

Our sexuality depends heavily on our own physical condition and our satisfaction with ourselves. These factors determine our openness to the partner and often create insurmountable barriers that not only burden ourselves but also the relationship.

Are you one of those people who suffer from their private parts? Surgical intervention can help!

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Labia reduction

The problem here is mostly in the inner labia that are too large, but rarely also in the outer labia that are too large. For most women, the problem lies primarily in aesthetics. You perceive your labia as unsightly, which inhibits them enormously from a sexual point of view.

On the other hand, problems and inconveniences can arise in everyday life, such as when sitting or cycling. Depending on the development of the labia, they can also be exposed to friction when moving. Those affected report that they are confronted with straightening the labia minora several times a day.It is only understandable that women with these complaints want a carefree life without sexual barriers.

Vaginal tightening

The diameter of a woman’s vagina can be too large for genetic reasons, and it can also be enlarged by other factors.

This can include factors such as pregnancies (especially spontaneous delivery), the natural aging process and possible weakness of the connective tissue. This can also be problematic from a sexual point of view. Due to the enlarged diameter of the vagina, there is less friction between men and women during sex. Both parties are less stimulated during sexual intercourse, which often leads to dissatisfaction and tension in the relationship. It can happen that the woman’s sex drive drops to a minimum.

In most cases, simple pelvic floor exercises will not help narrow the vagina. More and more women are opting for surgical vaginal tightening

intimate surgery?

The circumstances and conditions of every woman are very individual and unique. As a result, the motives for opting for a labia reduction or a vaginal tightening can vary widely.

In fact, the problem of dissatisfaction with the intimate area is a very common, but often very sensitive issue for those affected.

The natural aging process, predisposition and birth can lead to dissatisfaction and a disturbed self-image, especially with regard to one’s own sexuality.

In addition to the psychological strain, large inner labia can also lead to severe pain during exercise or sexual intercourse. With an aesthetic plastic surgery it is possible to fix these flaws and to increase the physical well-being enormously.

Vaginal tightening
For vaginal tightening, an elongated strip must first be removed from the back wall of the vagina and the tissue must be sutured. In order to support this narrowing, the surrounding tissue, on the one hand the fasciae and also the muscles surrounding the vaginal entrance, is tightened.

Labia reduction
Labia reduction is about first carefully drawing in the incisions in order to achieve a symmetrical and aesthetic end result and then removing the excess tissue. Care must be taken here that the sewn cuts are not in any friction zone so that healing can proceed without problems.

Like any operation, reducing the size of the labia or tightening the vagina also involves certain risks.

The general operational risks associated with these interventions include infections, bleeding, thrombosis or poor tolerance to anesthesia.

With the labia reduction in particular, care is taken to leave no visible scars behind. However, despite all measures, the wound healing process can turn out to be more difficult than desired, which can lead to increased scarring.

Vaginal tightening Costs in Turkey

Vaginal tightening

from 2.700,00 €

Blood count

1 night in hospital incl. Catering

Complete transfer service


Blood draw and laboratory costs

German-speaking support

Post Operative follow up and emergency contact by our Partner Doctor in Germany

Personal advice

Control appointments

Medication in the hospital

Advice and support before and after the operation

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