Femto Lasik

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The Femto-Lasik method doesn’t involve any mechanical aid. For the operation an incision has to be made in the outermost corneal layer, so that a so called flap is created, a sort of lamella which can be opened like a hinge. As a laser is used in this method to make the incision, even noticeably poor vision can be corrected.
Formerly, a minimum thickness of the cornea was a precondition for this method and patients with an especially thin cornea were not admitted for surgery.With the use of this precise technique, however, it is possible to achieve better results for all patients.

After the flap is folded back, the vision correction process is performed, which takes only a few seconds for both eyes. Deformations of the cornea are corrected with the laser, so that light rays are bent/refracted properly to focus precisely on the retina. Afterwards the corneal flap is laid back in place and re-attaches itself naturally (by suction).

The healing process takes approximately three weeks.


The wavefront method helps to improve the vision in bad light conditions, like in the dark or in blinding light. Hence, the refractive power errors, which lead to blurred/distorted images, are analysed. Thus a kind of landscape of the eye is obtained where all refractive errors are shown to enable precise reshaping of the cornea.