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The ReLEx SMILE method is the most up-to-date method of present-day laser eye surgery. The results in terms of vision correction are verifiably the same as those of the Femto-Lasik method, however ReLEx SMILE has some advantages. ReLEx SMILE differs from Femto-Lasik in that no ‘flap’ needs to be created in the cornea but only a small incision of 2-3 mm. Therefore, the ReLEx SMILE method is less invasive and consequently involves fewer risks.

Process of Surgery

First a thin corneal lens, a lenticule inside the intact cornea is created using the VisuMax laser. Thereafter, depending on the texture of the patient’s cornea, an access point in form of a small incision of 3 mm is created. Subsequently the lenticule is extracted through this small incision. This process affects the biomechanics of the cornea only minimally as considerably fewer nerve fibres are irritated.

The extraction of the lenticule causes the change in the cornea, which results in the achievement of the desired refraction, thereby improving vision (eyesight).

This method is new and not offered in every eye clinic. We have chosen one of the best specialists in Istanbul, who uses this method.

  • No big aperture in the cornea (‘flap’)
  • Short healing process, due to minimal incision
  • No dry eyes subsequent to surgery