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Are you among the people who suffer from their body shape or fat pads?

Everyone has to struggle with their problem zones and virtually everyone knows the stubborn fat pads that can withstand any diet.

Take the plunge to your liposuction and a new You. Do not hesitate to entrust medicalfly with all your wishes. We will be happy to advise you in detail and, after consultation with our partner clinic, will discuss all your ideas in a free information session.

Under certain circumstances it may be possible to get support from your health insurance company.


We at medicalfly can report on a long and successful cooperation with our partner clinics and doctors. The lipoplasty / liposuction in Turkey is carried out by the renowned plastic surgeon, who has been working regularly with his qualified and trained team for many years.

This does not mean any reduction in quality. The medical technology is state of the art and is subject to regular inspections.

On site a driver is available to take care of your transfer from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the appointments at the hospital and back.

In addition, we support you with every step and are at your side for several months after your liposuction. That way we can be sure that you will be looked after extensively by us.


Firstly, the physical aspects of a lipoplasty / liposuction should be highlighted. At the same time, we also have to address the psychological problems that patients experience before they decide to have a liposuction.

The distribution and number of our fat cells are genetically determined. We cannot influence where we store most of the fat. Many people are therefore dissatisfied with their fat distribution and the formation of certain body regions.

Through conscious nutrition and sport we can change a lot in our body, but we cannot always reach our goal on our own. When we lose weight, we usually do not lose our fat where we wish and the unwanted fat deposits remain behind. Liposuction provides a suitable alternative.

Many people develop massive psychological problems due to dissatisfaction with their own bodies.

Most patients reported enormous inferiority complexes. They were afraid of exposing themselves to other people and could not look in the mirror because they were disgusted with themselves. Liposuction has helped many people to feel much better in their skin.


With the further development of the technology, the liposuction techniques were changed in the course of time and the classical liposuction method was replaced by new devices and new technologies. There has been a true revolution in recent years. The so-called Vaser Liposuction is one of the most frequently performed methods.

Vaser liposuction is an innovative method of liposuction. It is becoming more and more popular because it slims the body and shapes it.


With Vaser Liposuction, body shaping in different zones is possible using ultrasound. First, the fatty tissue is separated from the remaining tissue without damaging the blood vessels or nerves. In the following step, fat is suctioned off circularly and the parts and tissue layers in need are modelled.  Vaser liposuction enables the definition of abdominal muscles, chest and upper arms.


This procedure is not a weight loss treatment for obesity.  Instead, this procedure is used for fat distribution disorders or to correct problem zones. Under certain conditions, this procedure can also be applied to the face or neck.

The surgery is performed under full anesthesia and the duration of the procedure depends on the number and type of regions and ranges from one to five hours. First of all, a large amount of fluid is injected into the surgical area prior to liposuction. This is done to loosen the fat cells and reduce the tendency to bleed. The fat tissue is then removed from the tissue structures using the Vaser method. Special attention is paid to the protection of the surrounding tissue. In addition, the dissolved tissue is removed via a small incision using thin suction cannulae.

At least ten to four days before the surgery, smokers in particular should stop smoking, because smoking reduces the blood flow to the skin, which can delay wound healing. In addition, no blood-thinning medication should be taken ten days before the procedure at the latest.

After the surgery, the patient may experience pain similar to muscle ache, which can be treated with painkillers if necessary. It should be noted that the bandage should be worn for about one to two days. The patient then receives compression clothing, which should be worn for about four to six weeks. Particularly in the first weeks after the intervention, heavy physical exertion should be avoided.

Serious medical complications are very rare. However, the patient must be aware that every surgical intervention always involves a certain risk.
General risks during surgery include infection, bleeding, thrombosis, or poor tolerance for anesthesia. It is normal for you to have slight swelling or bruising after surgery, which will disappear within one to two weeks.