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360 body lifting

After big amount of weight loss, there may be severe loosening of the tissues all over the body. The previously extensive areas of skin, especially around the abdomen, usually do not recede completely and the hanging tissue remains as a reminder of the weight loss.

If the skin hangs not only on the tummy, but also on the back and buttocks, a 360 degree lift can be an option.

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Why a 360 body lifting?

The 360 degree lift enables the long-term removal of sagging skin, which can arise as a result of major weight loss, for example after a bariatric operation or pregnancy.

Unfortunately, this excess tissue cannot be removed even with exercise or minimally invasive cosmetic interventions.

The 360 degree body lift operation offers the simultaneous tightening of several areas in one operation in order to achieve an optimal overall result. It combines the tightening of the abdominal wall, the flank and the buttocks in one operation.

With the 360 degree body lift, a belt-shaped cut is made at the level of the base of the legs, which can largely be hidden under the underwear. The muscular skins are tightened and excess skin is removed.

The skin and fat tissue is then detached from the muscle membranes below and the navel is repositioned. Then the muscle membranes are tightened and the excess tissue is removed.

The incision is then sutured to the stretched skin and the flanks tightened. The patient is then repositioned and an incision is made on the lower back. The excess sagging skin and the bottom are also tightened.

Like every operation, the 360 degree body lift also involves certain risks, which can be minimized with the selection of a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon.

The general operational risks with the 360 degree body lift include infections, bleeding, thrombosis or poor tolerance to anesthesia.

After such an extensive operation swellings to varying degrees might occurs, which then usually heal again on their own.

Efforts are made to make the skin incisions in such a way that they heal easily. However, despite all measures, the wound healing process can turn out to be more difficult than desired, which can lead to increased scarring.

Complete scar healing can take six to twelve months. In the beginning patient can feel intense skin and sourness on the operated areas.

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