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Arm Lift in Turkey with medicalfly

Many women or men may complain about the aesthetic appearance due to the sagging of the skin in the upper arm area. This sagging arm skin might occur due to aging, gravity, loss of elasticity, gaining and losing too much weight and disturbs the person aesthetically especially when wearing short-sleeved clothes or tight clothes.

This situation, which is observed especially when sleeveless clothes are worn, causes the appearance of so called “bat wings” when the arms are opened to both sides.

Thanks to the arm lift surgery, which is performed quite often in the field of plastic surgery, it is possible to get rid of this physically and emotionally disturbing appearance by removing excess skin and fat in this area.

Apart from medicalfly’s strong partners and 15 years of experience in health tourism, people may choose to have arm lift surgery in Turkey for the following reasons;

  • Saggy arm skin due to genetic factors and age
  • Skin sagging after intense weight loss


We advise you personally or by telephone about the arm lift in consultation with our partner surgeon


The treatment takes place after detailed information and discussion examinations by our partner surgeon and specialist in plastic surgery


You start your life with a new feeling – and we will stay by your side: your well-being is still important to us and you can contact us again at any time

With the medicalfly guarantee

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You can contact our team anytime or fill in the contact form in order to receive an individual treatmen plan after consulting our partner doctors and detailed information about your desired treatment. With our medicalfly guarantee, we not only advise you before the operation, but also support you in the procedure afterwards for a certain period of time for a unique experience.

Arm Lift Operation Process in Turkey

After applying to medicalfly with an arm lift request, our team gives the client the necessary information about the surgery and requests photographs to be shown to the partner doctor. Thanks to these photos, our partner plastic surgeons determine whether the person is a candidate for arm lift surgery in Turkey and create a treatment plan.

Before the surgery, the patient’s conditions and requirements are observed & evaluated by the doctor and necessary drawings & markings are made in the upper arm area. In line with these drawings, the cracked, sagging and loosened skin is removed proportionally during the surgery. The fat accumulated in arm area is also removed by the liposuction method, increasing the efficiency to be obtained from the process.

Finally, after the cut skin is removed, the remaining skin tissue is reassembled to obtain a flat, smooth and taut look.

What to Consider Before Arm Lift Surgery

Before the surgery, the medicalfly team and partner doctor will explain you in detail what needs to be done.

But in general:

  • You should stop smoking for a certain period of time before the surgery and you should not smoke for a while after the surgery so that the incision area heals well. Likewise, alcohol consumption also affects the recovery time.
  • Before the operation, it is important to stop taking blood thinners such as vitamin E, aspirin, coumadin, nutritional & food supplements, herbal teas. You can consult the medicalfly team and the doctor about the medications you regularly use.
  • Die Information, ab wann Sie vor der Operation nüchtern sein müssen, erhalten Sie von uns kurz vor Ihrem Eingriff.
  • Our team will provide you with detailed information about the fasting time before the surgery.
  • Before the operation, all jewellery, metal items in your body and prosthetic nails should also be removed.

After Arm Lift Surgery in Turkey

Arm lift surgery is mostly performed under general anaesthesia and the procedure takes between 1.5 and 2 hours. After this procedure, the patient is expected to stay in the hospital for 1 night.

In the first days, there may be elastic bandages on the arms, it is generally appropriate to take a shower a few days after the surgery and there is no need to remove the stitches since they are dissolving by themselves. Since the incision will be in the lower/inner area of the arm, no scar is usually visible when the arms are closed.

Apart from these, the rules you should follow will be explained to you in detail by your doctor and the medicalfly team, and your questions will be answered in the best way possible.

Arm Lift Prices and Financial Solutions in Turkey

To get information about arm lift surgery prices in Turkey with medicalfly, you can click here or contact our tem for an individual treatment plan.

medicalfly’s 15 years of experience in health tourism also creates opportunities for you to offer financial solutions in plastic surgeries. Our clients living in Germany and Austria; can reach our experienced, reliable, transparent, fast lending partner institutions here, and have the chance to pay for their arm lift surgery in Turkey in instalments.


from 2.800 €

Compression garment

1 night in hospital incl. Catering

Always included

Complete transfer service


Blood draw and laboratory costs

German and English speaking support

Follow-up by medicalfly

Personal advice

Control appointments

Medication in the hospital

Advice and support before and after the operation

What are the Risks of Arm Lift Surgery?

As with every surgery and surgical procedure, arm lift operations also involve some risks. First of all, various risks and complications may arise due to general anaesthesia, as narcosis is applied during the surgical intervention. There may be swelling, stiffness and bruising in this area after the surgery, but these are definitely temporary and will disappear after a few weeks.

Although care is taken in order to not leave visible and disturbing scars in any kind of aesthetic surgeries, the scars may remain in different forms depending on the patient’s skin structure and healing process. Alcohol and cigarette consumption directly affect the recovery period. In general, pink and skin-coloured scars are nearly invisible from the outside, as they will remain at the inner arm area.

Rarely, there are risks such as bleeding, delayed healing, opening of sutures, infection, hypertrophic scar and keloid.

You can get detailed information about the risks of this surgery from your doctor before the surgery.


As medicalfly, we never leave you alone during the whole process. Your unique experience will begin by contacting us and receiving free consultation from our team about an arm lift in Turkey. You will receive a treatment plan specially prepared for you by our partner surgeons, and once your appointment date is determined, we will handle the entire reservation process for you. On arrival, our VIP transfer service will pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel or hospital. Our German and English-speaking team members will meet you and guide you through the process. After meeting with your surgeon and getting detailed information, the surgery will take place. After discharge, you will be taken to your hotel with our VIP transfer service. On the day you return to your country, you will be brought to the airport and the medicalfly team will continue to be in contact with you after your operation. We will always be by your side.

medicalfly team members will always be with you. Our teammates who speak German and English will perform all translation and personal assistance services during your arm lift surgery in Turkey.

Prices may vary when additional procedures such as liposuction are required, depending on the desired results and the type of surgery. You can click here to learn more about prices or contact our team to get an individual treatment plan.

The pain after all aesthetic surgeries can be controlled with painkillers. In order to reduce the pain and ensure your comfort, you will receive serum and pain relief support during the hospitalization process. When you use the prescribed medications regularly and in accordance with the instructions after discharge, your pain will be under control. The pain that occurs after plastic surgery procedures is of the type that responds to painkillers.

In this type of surgery, which aims an aesthetic appearance, the goal is to leave minimal scars to prevent any inaesthetic appearance. While drawings and incisions are made on the patient, care is taken to keep these scars in the inner and lower parts of the arm.

Patients with keloid experience should definitely share this situation with medicalfly and the surgeon before the surgery.

Swelling, bruising and stiffness may be seen in the arm area for the first few days after the surgery. It is also normal to experience pain that can be kept under control with painkillers.
After the operation, you can return to your normal life approximately 14 days after discharge.

It is generally recommended to drive 7-10 days after surgery.

Yes; after the surgery, fat accumulation or skin sagging can be seen again due to irregular nutrition, weight gain or other various reasons. In such cases, liposuction or a second arm lift surgery may be recommended.

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