Breast Reduction

The shape and size of a woman’s breasts are genetic on the one hand, and the fat content and hormone balance on the other. Some women develop very large breasts at a young age. In these cases the physical, but also often the psychological stress is already pre-programmed.

The high weight very often results in neck, head and back pain, which is usually reflected in the posture. Physical activities are then often only possible to a limited extent and, in addition, with increasing age the breast loses its resilience and elasticity and the large breast slackens.

The breast reduction then increases the quality of life of those affected enormously and brings relief in all situations.

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Why a breast reduction?

A breast reduction is often a long-term desire for those affected. The problems and complaints that women with a large breast have usually start at a very young age. For one, there are the medical problems that many women suffer from.

The large and heavy breasts can cause damage to the supporting apparatus, chronic pain in the thoracic spine, as well as the shoulder and neck muscles, and severe tension.

Furthermore, this leads to a stooped posture and often to skin irritation and inflammation. Breast reduction surgery can make a huge difference to all of these problems or eliminate them altogether.

The psychological problems that women with large breasts struggle with are also serious. Dissatisfaction with one’s own body and a severely restricted body feeling and self-confidence limit the quality of life enormously.

The surgical methods are tailored to the individual case. The incision also depends on the patient’s ideas and anatomical conditions.

But what all cases have in common is that our collaborative surgeon is generally concerned with a scar-saving technique.

To reduce the size of the breast, glandular and fatty tissue as well as excess skin are removed.

In order to achieve a slight reduction in volume, it is sufficient to make an incision around the areola and from its lower edge to the underbust crease. However, if a significant reduction in size is required, an incision must also be made in the underbust crease in order to be able to remove the tissue.

The patient must be aware that every surgical procedure always carries a certain risk.

General risks with a breast reduction include infections, bleeding, thrombosis or poor tolerance to anesthesia.

With breast reduction in particular, care is taken to leave no visible scars. However, despite all measures, the wound healing process can be more difficult than desired, which can lead to increased scarring.

If the breasts are very sunk, there may be a loss of sensitivity in the nipples.

Breast reduction Costs in Turkey

Breast reduction

from 3.800,00 €

Compression bra

1 night in hospital incl. Catering

Complete transfer service


Blood draw and laboratory costs

German-speaking support

Post Operative follow up and emergency contact by our Partner Doctor in Germany

Personal advice

Control appointments

Medication in the hospital

Advice and support before and after the operation

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