Are you one of those people who would like to turn back time a little?

Fat injections have grown in popularity in recent years. It was found that your own fat cells are ideal for filling in dents on the body and acting as anti-aging agents on the face instead of the usual fillers.

If you want to make your face look younger again, fat injections are an excellent choice.

Fillers such as hyaluronic acid break down after about a year and a half, so a fat injection with the surviving stem cells is a very good alternative.

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We will advise you personally or by telephone regarding the fat injection in consultation with our partner surgeon


The treatment takes place after detailed information and discussion examinations by our partner surgeon and specialist in plastic surgery


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Fat injection in the face

The face often looks increasingly sunken with age, wrinkles form and the dark circles under the eyes also deepen. The skin becomes thin and, in some cases, bluish, which often makes it look sickly. The fat injections fill these areas with autologous fat and thereby rejuvenate the face immensely.

On the other hand, many would like to be able to shape their face in certain areas.

For example, you can conjure up beautiful and distinctive cheekbones or raise your eyebrows.

The fat injection is preceded by liposuction, from which the patient’s own fat is obtained for the procedure. Of course, it must be discussed in advance from which areas the fat is extracted and how much. In the course of a fat injection, one or the other problem zone can also be corrected.

Before the removed fat can be injected, it is centrifuged and cleaned. The stem cells are enriched and the prepared autologous fat can then be injected into the desired areas.

As with any surgery, fat injection involves certain risks.

The general surgical risks associated with fat injection include infection, bleeding, thrombosis, or poor tolerance to anesthesia.

Slight swelling or bruising may occur after the operation, but will resolve within one to two weeks.

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