The presence of pregnancy leads to many changes in the female body on the way to birth. The body does remarkable changes during this time, which is why it is not surprising that this often does not go away without any traces.

Sagging skin , stretch marks and pregnancy-related cracks are common consequences of pregnancy. In addition, there are often additional fat, especially in the abdomen and waist area.
During pregnancy, not only does the skin around the abdomen stretch, but the abdominal muscles also expand. Mostly, this causes the uterus to lose its previous firmness during childbirth.
The breasts are also stressed both during and after pregnancy. The milk production, which begins around the second half of pregnancy, causes the breasts to enlarge and a possible lactation period usually does not leave the breasts without a trace.

Such consequences can be stressful for the new mother. The so-called Mommy Makeover is an individually adapted procedure, which is intended to correct the traces of pregnancy and breastfeeding with a combination of various interventions.

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We will advise you personally or by telephone regarding the Mommy Makeover in consultation with our partner surgeon


The treatment takes place after detailed information and discussion examinations by our partner surgeon and specialist in plastic surgery


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Why a Mommy Makeover?

The mommy make-over is usually a combination of a tummy tuck and breast surgeries.
During the tummy tuck, the sagging skin is completely removed and the belly button is reshaped & repositioned. The abdominal muscles are also tightened, so that an overall tighter abdominal structure is created.

If the breasts have sagged, they can be lifted. In cases of small or uneven breasts, the breast lift can be combined with breast implants.

If more volume is desired with a sagging breast, the combination of breast lift with implant is usually essential.
In addition to the procedures on the abdominal and breast area, fat can be removed from the waist and abdomen. If desired, another area can be filled with that removed fat, such as the bottom, face or other areas

The patient must be aware that every surgical procedure always carries a certain risk.

General risks might be infections, bleeding, thrombosis or poor tolerance to anesthesia.

Efforts are made to make the incisions in such a way that they heal easily.

However, despite all measures, the wound healing process can turn out to be more difficult than desired, which can lead to increased scarring.

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