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Rhinoplasty in Turkey with medicalfly

There are many reasons why women and men chose to have rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey, which is also one of the most considered plastic surgeries. One reason for this is the central position of the nose, which directly affects our overall appearance and therefore our self-confidence.

Aside from medicalfly’s strong partners and 15 years of experience in health tourism, you may choose to have a rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey for the following reasons:

  • If you have a crooked nose or an inaesthetic angled nose
  • If you have a big nose, big nose bridge or your nose does not fit in proportion to your face
  • If you have a wide nose or big nasal wings
  • If you are unhappy with tip of your nose (long nose tip, pointy nose) or shape of your nostrils (wide nostrils)
  • Also if there are problems with the actual functionality, such as breathing problems, continuous blockage, snoring, nasal congestion etc.


We will advise you personally or by telephone regarding the rhinoplasty in consultation with our partner surgeon


The treatment takes place after detailed information and discussion examinations by our partner surgeon and specialist in plastic surgery


You start your life with a new feeling – and we will stay by your side: your well-being is still important to us and you can contact us again at any time

With the medicalfly guarantee

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You can contact our team anytime or fill in the contact form in order to receive an individual treatmen plan after consulting our partner doctors and detailed information about your desired treatment. With our medicalfly guarantee, we not only advise you before the operation, but also support you in the procedure afterwards for a certain period of time for a unique experience.

How is a Nose Job performed?

Just like most of other plastic surgeries Rhinoplasty surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and can take approximately 2.5-3hours depending complexity of the intervention.
There are two types of nose jobs: open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty, which are used on different patients with different conditions and expectations.
To meet your expectations the surgeon makes necessary incisions, may need to break your nasal bone, reshape the nasal bone and cartilages or gather cartilage grafts from your ear/ ribs to place them inside the nose, reshape nasal tip and nasal wings. Which steps are necessary to get your dream nose done are discussed during the consultation with our partner surgeon and our team members.

Closed Rhinoplasty
During the closed Rhinoplasty method all processes and incisions are made through the nostrils and inside the nose. Therefore, a benefit using this method is that there won’t be any visible scars. Opposite of known, the visibility and capacity of the procedures to be done in the nose is very wide with the closed method.

Open Rhinoplasty
During the open Rhinoplasty method a tiny incision in the columella (tissue that separates the nostrils) is made. This method gives the surgeon a much better insight and more complex nose jobs can be performed.

What is the Ultrasonic Piezo Method
The Ultra Sonic Piezo method is a new, innovative and gentle procedure to perform the nose job. Through further development and improvement this method is based on ultrasonic surgery, in which the bone and cartilage can be processed gently with ultrasound. Therefore, other than conventional methods it is not necessary to break the nasal bone when performing ultrasonic rhinoplasty. This specific device works with high-speed ultrasonic waves and allows the surgeon to act extremely precise without putting too much pressure on the bone. Therefore, the surgeon uses different tip inserts to shave and cut both bone and cartilage, and consequently reshape the nose. Other than conventional methods, that include breaking the bone, this innovative method avoids damaging surrounding vessels, mucous membranes and soft tissues. As a result, the advantages are less pain, less swelling, less trauma and a faster wound healing process.

How to Prepare for Rhinoplasty in Turkey With medicalfly

Before the surgery, the medicalfly team and partner doctor will explain to you in detail what needs to be done. We recommend following key points:

  • You should quit smoking for a certain period of time before and after to accelerate the healing process and reduce scar formation. Likewise, alcohol consumption also affects the recovery time in a negative way.
  • Before the operation, it is important to stop taking blood thinners such as vitamin E, aspirin, coumadin (Warfarin), nutritional & food supplements, herbal teas. Please inform the medicalfly team and our partner surgeon about the drugs you use regularly.
  • Before the operation, all jewellery and metal items in your body should be removed, and your artificial nails should also be removed.

Before the surgery you will have a consultation with our partner surgeon, in which you can express your expectations und wishes. Together with the surgeon you will create a computer simulated nose considering your expectations, possibilities and limits. Our partner surgeon will do his best to perform the result discussed beforehand. Like mentioned above the surgeon can only perform corrections while reshaping your nose. Your expectations should be realistic and according to your individual nose.

Post OP Recovery process

After the surgery is accomplished you will stay in hospital for the following night and you will be discharged the next day.
While you slowly regain consciousness after surgery you might worry as your eyes and face are covered with cooling packs. You will get cooling packs to reduce swelling and bruising after surgery. These packs are applied frequently (approximately for 15 minutes every hour). to reduce swelling and bruising
Your stay in Turkey will be a total of 7 days.
Depending on individual nasal septum stability the nasal silicone splints will be removed during your stay or on day of departure. These splints are made out of silicone which makes the removal barely painful as blood and excess fluids won’t stick onto them.
On your last day and last check-up in Turkey our partner surgeon will remove the supporting rhinoplasty cast.
During your stay in Turkey you will receive all necessary information, from the doctor and us – medicalfly, about your individual nose and what to pay attention to after the surgery, because your nose is very sensitive especially for the first 3 months after surgery.

Rhinoplasty Prices in Turkey & Financial Solutions

To get information about rhinoplasty surgery prices in Turkey with medicalfly, you can click here, reach our team or fill out the form.

Remember, the prices might vary depending on surgery complexity such as desired shape, the method of surgery, possible cartilage implantation, previous nose jobs etc.

However, medicalfly’s 15 years of experience in health tourism also creates financing opportunities for your plastic surgeries if you are living in Germany or Austria. You can reach our experienced, reliable, transparent partner institutions here. With them you have the chance to pay your nose job surgery in Turkey in instalments.


from 2.900 €

Nose cast

small blood count

Computer simulation

1 night in hospital incl. Catering

Always included

Complete transfer service


Blood draw and laboratory costs

German and English speaking support

Post Operative follow up and emergency contact by our Partner Doctor in Germany

Personal advice

Control appointments

Medication in the hospital

Advice and support before and after the operation

The Risks of the Rhinoplasty Surgery

As every surgery and surgical procedure, nose job operations also involve some risks.
First of all, various risks and complications may arise due to general anaesthesia, as narcosis is applied during the surgical intervention. Therefore, please inform us about possible allergies, previous history of diseases and medication use.

There may be swelling, stiffness, infection and bruising in the affected area after surgery, but these are definitely temporary and will disappear after a few weeks. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are concerned about your recovery process.

medicalfly’s partner doctors work with safe and gentle methods to minimise these risks. You can get detailed information about the risks of this surgery from your doctor before the surgery.


We as medicalfly never leave you alone during the whole process. Your unique experience will start by reaching us and having a free consultation about rhinoplasty surgery with our team. You will receive an individual treatment plan prepared by our partner surgeons and after your ap-pointment date is fixed, we will handle all the booking process for you. On your arrival, our VIP transfer service will pick you up from the airport and bring you to your hotel or to the hospital. Our German / English speaking team members will meet you and guide you throughout the pro-cess. After meeting your surgeon and having detailed information, the surgery will take place. After you are discharged, you will be taken to your hotel by our VIP transfer service. On the date of your departure, you will be brought to the airport and medicalfly team will still keep in touch with you after your operation. We will always be by your side.

medicalfly team members will always be by your side. Our German and English-speaking col-leagues will handle all the translation and personal assistance services during your nose-job in Turkey with medicalfly.

Depending on the previous nose operations and interventions on the nose, the price might change. You can click here to learn more about the prices or contact our team for an indi-vidual treatment plan.

With a minimum age of 18 years you can have a rhinoplasty surgery.

Post-operative pain is minimised thanks to our partner doctors` safe and gentle method. Possible pain after surgery can be cured and controlled with pain relievers.

Depending on performed method tiny scars, where the incisions were made may remain. Our partner surgeons try their best to avoid scar formation. Please, follow the instruction of our team and partner doctor to avoid scar formation as good as possible.

Yes, a secondary nose job can be performed. If you are not satisfied with your last nose job, it is possible to perform a secondary nose job 1 year after your previous one. But keep in mind that the results will be limited after each rhinoplasty for a new one. Therefore, it is really important selecting the first surgeon for your first nose job.

Ethnic nose job is a form of aesthetic nose jobs in which the nose gets reshaped without diminishing ethnic characteristics. You can read more information about ethnic rhinoplasty here.

Breathing through our nose affects our sense of smell, which means if you struggle to breath, your sense of smell is diminished. After surgery and during the recovery process you may find it harder to breath because of the bruising and swelling in the nose area. While the swellings and bruising are subsiding, the sense of smell will fully return.
If you suffered from nasal polyps, deviated nasal septum or other before rhinoplasty, your sense of smell will be improved after surgery.

Yes, rhinoplasty solves aesthetic concerns as well as functional problems. Nasal polyps, deviated nasal septum, breathing problems and malformations can be fixed with rhinoplasty.

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