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Do not hesitate to entrust all your wishes to medicalfly. We will be happy to give you detailed counselling and after consulting our partner hospital we will respond to all your questions and expectations in a free consultation.

Sooner or later the ageing process leads to a deterioration of the eyesight. Over the years our natural lenses and muscles in the eyes lose their ability to see clearly, whereby in most of the cases the near vision is the one prone to greater deterioration.

For many people this constraint is a big burden. Some are angry that they are dependant on their glasses or contact lenses. For others, putting on and off their contact lenses is an annoying act and they don’t like to wear eye glasses, either, because of aesthetic reasons.

The correction of presbyopia using Presbymax, however, offers a great possibility to correct presbyopia and helps thousands of people to achieve an almost perfect eyesight.

With present day stand of research and medicinal possibilities, you can fulfil all your desires with minimal risks. In this regard, qualified staff of medicalfly cooperates closely with its partner hospital in Turkey to support you from day one.


Our poor eyesight is decisively determined by our genes. How much we are prone to factors, which are said to deteriorate eyesight is also down to genetics.

Presbyopia is the sneaking deterioration process of near vision, which will affect each one of us sooner or later. The ageing process affects everyone differently, so that each individual has to suffer either more or less from this condition.

If you are also affected by this condition and tired of living with it you can always decide to have a correction performed with presbymax.


We, as medicalfly can report long and successful cooperation with our partner hospital. The correction of presbyopia with presbymax will be performed by our renowned ophthalmologist, who has been working together with her qualified and well-trained team regularly for years.

In this context, quality is most important. State-of-the-art medical technology, which is subject to regular inspections, is used.

On site, a chauffeur will be at your side. He will pick you up and take you from the airport to the hotel and from there to the hospital for all your appointments and then back again to the hotel.

Furthermore, we will support you at every step and be at your side even months after the correction surgery of your presbyopia with presbymax. Thus we will ensure that you will be thoroughly taken care of by us.

Presbymax is the most up to date and gentle method for the correction of presbyopia. This method is also appropriate for the correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness and irregular curvature of the cornea (astigmatism ).

In contrast to some other correction methods, this method does not involve the removal or processing of the ocular lens.  The surgery starts with the preparation of the outermost layer of the cornea, by using a laser to create a so called ‘flap’ which is folded aside to be ready for the next step. Now the cornea is reshaped by precise laser pulses, which takes only a few seconds for both eyes and whereby deformations of the cornea are corrected with the laser in such a way, that light rays will be bent properly to focus precisely on the retina. Previously, however, exact calculations and measurements are made in order to adjust the laser pulses appropriately, and thus a correction of vision ( poor eyesight) is ensured. Eventually, the ‘corneal flap’ is set back in place and re-attaches itself naturally (by suction), so that the healing process can start.

At this point, we would like to give you a rough overview of the procedure, so that you can have an idea already in advance about the steps of how to get a correction of presbyopia with presbymax in Turkey.

First of all, you have to contact us via e-mail or telephone. After you have told us about your situation and we have clarified all your related questions, with your content, we will forward all your data to our partner hospital. Upon their evaluation by our ophthalmologist, we will pass on all information to you and send you a written offer.

If you decide to have a correction of presbyopia with presbymax, we will send you an order confirmation, which you should sign and send back to us.

Your correction of presbyopia with presbymax in Turkey will be completely organised and mediated by medicalfly.  From day one we take you by the hand and support you at every step.

We clarify all your questions beforehand on the phone or personally, so that there are no more unanswered questions or concerns left.

Also in Turkey we will be at your side. As soon as you are at the airport, a chauffeur will pick you up and take you to the hospital for a preliminary talk followed by the ‘correction of your presbyopia with presbymax’ itself.

Usually patients stay in hospital for two nights.

The surgery doesn’t take long, however, the hospital offers patients coming from abroad the option to stay longer in hospital, so that they have more comfort whilst healing, without having to drive from the hotel to the hospital and vice versa for follow-up examinations.

Serious medical complications are very rare. However, patients have to be aware that all surgical interventions always involve certain risks.

General surgical risks involve infections, bleeding, or weak anaesthetic tolerance. Many patients report dry eyes and higher sensitivity to light. However, these complaints subside after the first three months.