September 2021 – Meeting with our partner plastic surgeon in Berlin and Düsseldorf!

The appointments were gone so quickly that we couldn’t keep up. It was clear: you missed us! And so do we! And the reunion was just as nice as we expected.

Many have waited months for our marvellous events and now it was finally time to meet with our partner plastic surgeon Prof. Dr. Onur Egemen in Berlin and Düsseldorf!

In Berlin we welcomed you in our office in beautiful Charlottenburg and in Düsseldorf on the famous “Kö”.

Follow-up talks, but above all a lot of preliminary talks, awaited us in the two cities.

It is always nice to see the clients, some of whom we have been in contact with for so long, for real, to exchange ideas and to get rid of the worries!

We had an incredibly good time and even if two cities are not exactly easy in two days, we enjoyed every single moment!

For the protection of everyone, we have of course always paid attention to compliance with the hygiene measures.

We hope to see you again very soon in another medicalfly-event in another city.

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