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Revisional Bariatric Surgeries in Turkey With medicalfly

There is a slight possibility of regaining weight after all bariatric surgeries. In these cases, it is aimed to lose the gained weight or start losing weight if it stopped by applying a revision bariatric surgery. All of these procedures are called revision bariatric surgery.
It should not be forgotten that each situation and case should be examined separately, and the reason for regaining weight or stopping weight loss should be carefully examined. For this, endoscopic imaging, blood tests, physical examinations should be performed and the patient’s complaints should be listened to in detail.

Apart from medicalfly’s strong partners and 15 years of experience in health tourism, individuals may choose to have revision bariatric surgery in Turkey for the following reasons;

  • If there is a previous bariatric surgery performed
  • If weight loss stopped earlier than expected or weight gain started again
  • If there is damage to the stomach as a result of an application such as gastric band

How is the Process for a Revisional Gastric Surgery in Turkey?

Based on your health status, body mass index (BMI), blood values, type of previous surgery and epicrisis reports, your doctor determines whether you are suitable for surgery or which type of revision surgery you are suitable for. As a result of a pre-operative check-up, the method to be applied by your surgeon is determined and explained to you. The surgeries are usually performed laparoscopically under general anaesthesia. However, your doctor may prefer to change to open surgery depending on the course of the surgery and the situation. Depending on the procedures performed, the operation may take 1-3 hours. After the operation, you will start the diet program prepared for you and the information about the nutrition phases will be explained to you by the dieticians.

With the medicalfly guarantee

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You can contact our team anytime or fill in the contact form in order to receive an individual treatmen plan after consulting our partner doctors and detailed information about your desired treatment. With our medicalfly guarantee, we not only advise you before the operation, but also support you in the procedure afterwards for a certain period of time for a unique experience.

How to Prepare for Revisional Obesity Surgery in Turkey With medicalfly?

According to your body mass index before the operation, it may be recommended to start a light diet on a certain date. However, in any case, you should start a light diet a few days before the surgery and completely stop eating and drinking the night before the surgery. Smoking and alcohol use should be stopped about 2 weeks before, and there should be no metal objects in your body during the surgery. If you are using artificial nails, they should also be removed.
You can apply to medicalfly and partner doctors about the drugs you regularly use and get detailed information. More information about your pre-operative nutrition program will be given to you by medicalfly dietitians and partner doctors. Make sure to bring cozy and comfortable clothes with you on your trip to Turkey. You can also bring personal care items together with you

Types of the Revisional Bariatric Surgeries

Cases with a previous Gastric Band
In this case, the band is removed first. In some patients, the band needs to be removed endoscopically because it moves into the stomach. Removing the tape and performing the surgical procedure can usually be performed in the same session, or it may be recommended to perform it at different time intervals. After the band is removed, the type of surgical procedure is determined as a result of your surgeon’s recommendations.

Cases with a previous Gastric Bypass
The intestine that is merged to the stomach area can be re-merged in a different position. In this way, it is aimed to reduce the amount of calories absorbed by providing less food contact. By applying a bypass in the intestines, the amount of nutrients and absorption can be limited.

Cases with a previous Gastric Sleeves
In this case, the first operation may have been insufficient or the stomach may have enlarged again. Re-sleeve surgery can be performed to make the remaining pouch smaller. Alternatively, duodenal switch, transit bipartition and Roux-en-Y surgeries may be preferred by your surgeon

Revisional Obesity Operation Prices in Turkey & Financial Solutions

To get information on revisional bariatric surgery prices in Turkey with medicalfly you can click here, contact our team, or fill out a form so our team can contact you. Depending on your health, BMI and some other conditions our partner doctors will recommend a method of surgery that is special for your case.

However, medicalfly’s 15 years of experience in health tourism also creates financing opportunities for your bariatric surgeries if you are living in Germany or Austria. You can reach our experienced, reliable, transparent partner institutions here. With them you have the chance to pay your revisional obesity operation in Turkey in instalments.


from 4.900 €

Komplette Diagnostik – Interne, kardiologische und Adipositas Diagnostik

3-4 Übernachtungen im Krankenhaus inkl. Verpflegung

Always included

Complete transfer service


Blood draw and laboratory costs

German and English speaking support

Follow-up by medicalfly

Personal advice

Control appointments

Medication in the hospital

Advice and support before and after the operation

The Risks of the Revisional Gastric Operation

As every surgery and surgical procedure, revision operations also involve some risks. First of all, various risks and complications may arise due to general anaesthesia, as narcosis is applied during the surgical intervention.

Aside from anesthesia, the general risks are bleeding, infection, blood clots, leakage. To prevent the leakage special techniques and equipments are used by the performing surgeon. Long term side-affects and possible risks will be explained by your surgeon in details.


medicalfly is with your through all the steps. Your unique experience will begin when you contact the medicalfly team for a free consultancy on the revisional operation. You will receive a treatment plan prepared for you by our partner doctors and when your dates are set, we will make all the reservations for you. When you arrive our VIP transfer service will pick you up from the airport to drop you off to the hospital or the hotel. Our English/German speaking colleagues will meet you and be with you through all steps. After getting detailed information from your surgeon the operation will begin. When discharged from the hospital, our VIP transfer service will again pick you up and take you to your hotel. On the departure day you will be driven to the airport and the medicalfly team will continue to be in contact with you. After you return to your country, medicalfly’s partner doctor located in Germany will carry on with the follow-ups and you can contact him at any time.

Depending on your health status, type of previous surgery, BMI, and other side diseases, our partner surgeon will decide on the surgery method with you. For more information on the prices you can click here or you can contact our team to get a personal treatment plan.

medicalfly’s 15 years of experience in health tourism also creates financing opportunities for you in bariatric surgeries if you are living in Germany or Austria. You can reach our experienced, reliable, transparent partner institutions here. Thanks to those, you can have the chance to pay your revisional bariatric surgery in instalments in Turkey

medicalfly team will always be with you. Our English and German speaking colleagues will assist you with all the process during your trip.

medicalfly, while thinking and designing every moment for you during your treatment process, will not leave you alone in your country either. You will have follow up with the medicalfly team for up to 2 years.

The pain that your experience after the surgery be mostly gas pain. After the surgery taking short walks at the given times will help release the gas and reduce the pain. The given painkillers will be controlling the pain.

The gas pain will fade towards your discharge and you’ll be able to return to your normal life. As long as you keep following your diet program you will not have any problems. During the first month you should not lift mor than 5 kg.

For this surgery you will need 1 night before the operation and 3-4 nights after. After being discharged 3-4 more days should be enough. Aroun total of 7-8 days should be enough to get the examinations done, talk with your surgeon, get the surgery and enjoy the city.

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