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Weight-loss surgery process

Arrival and the first few days

Your trip will be fully organized by medicalfly. At the airport you will be picked up by our chauffeur and taken directly to the hospital. When you arrive at the hospital, you will be met by our team and the first tests will be carried out.

The next morning the further tests and examinations, consultations with specialists and a preliminary talk with the surgeon take place.

A body analysis is done to determine the muscle and fat percentage before the operation.

You will stay in hospital for three nights after the operation.

On the day of discharge, you will receive extensive nutritional training and will then be driven to your hotel. You stay in the hotel for one or two more days. On the day of your return you will be picked up by our transfer and driven to the airport.

The described itinerary serves as a guide for you. The process of your stomach reduction is individually tailored to you and your procedure and can therefore deviate from the itinerary described here.

Post-operative information

The gastric sleeve surgery is the beginning of weight reduction on the way to your desired weight. The gastric sleeve surgery alone does not guarantee a lasting solution – only in combination with a change in diet, a new eating behavior and adherence to a healthy lifestyle with exercise can bring and maintain the desired success.

After gastric sleeve surgery, the stomach has to slowly get used to normal food again. This takes place in four diet phases, which slowly approach normal food from liquid food to pureed food to soft food.

medicalfly will also provide support after the procedure. We are always at your service with detailed post-operative information and personal nutritional advice.

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