Before the Operation

Due to the lower costs of such an operation compared to Germany, you should plan your trip a few months before your desired date. This, of course will be your own preparation for your new life. It’s seen that, interventions such as a gastric balloon or the gastric botox method results with a less weight loss, gastric sleeve, however, is more helpful to reach the ideal weight.

There are agencies in Germany that specialize in organizing operations in Turkey. This means that they book flights for you, organize the hotel, offer on-site support (German-speaking), organize the transfer and are always there for the customers after your gastric surgery in Turkey. This includes nutrition plans and advice, aftercare in Germany, as well as the sending of blood counts at regular intervals and being followed up by the team in Turkey. With medicalfly, you will benefit from a high-quality service and will never be alone.

Many people who suffer from obesity can’t manage to lose weight on their own.

If those affected also struggle with comorbidities, the pressure and willingness to change something is often great, but implementation is very difficult.

In that case a gastric sleeve operation in Turkey can help.

In Turkey you will find offers for gastric sleeve at much lower prices than in Germany and hospitals with the highest medical standards and the best medical staff.

The gastric sleeve in Turkey is only the first step towards the ideal weight. A new lifestyle and nutrition are the keys to weight loss after a gastric sleeve in Turkey.

The right care after the gastric sleeve in Turkey makes it much easier to adapt to the new lifestyle and can be of great support. Medicalfly with its services, will provide you the best offers and aftercare.

With very high success rates and low prices, gastric reduction operations are very popular in Turkey. And these statements do not fall from the sky. Izmir is considered a center for gastric sleeve operations in Turkey. Both for domestic patients and patients from abroad. Medicalfly form the bridge for patients from abroad with the operating doctors and the hospitals for your gastric sleeve in Turkey.

The costs for medical interventions in general are lower in Turkey than in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Europe. The difference in costs for a gastric sleeve is particularly large.

In Germany, the costs of a gastric sleeve are only covered by the health insurance companies under very high requirements, and many steps have to be taken, which is a psychological burden for many.

The lower costs for a gastric sleeve in Turkey are a great relief for many and a great help in getting closer to their ideal weight.

There are many advantages to having a gastric sleeve in Turkey – the huge cost saving is a huge advantage, but the other benefits and advantages will show you what a correct decision you have made.

If the provider has been selected with care, the gastric sleeve in Turkey in a renowned hospital will ideally offer excellent medical care and the operation will be carried out by an experienced specialist. Not only that, you will also benefit from Medicalfly’s years long experience and perfect quality of service including psychological support, on site assistance, interpreting and much more.

Whether a gastric sleeve operation in Istanbul, a gastric sleeve operation in Antalya or a gastric sleeve operation in Izmir, the surgery itself is very popular in Turkey and being preferred by many international patients.

There are now countless providers of gastric sleeves in Turkey.

These are not limited to gastric sleeve surgery, other bariatric interventions such as gastric bypass or diabetes operations are also very often offered in Turkey.

The selection of the provider is decisive for the success of a gastric sleeve in Turkey – regardless of whether it is a sleeve gastric surgery in Izmir, a gastric band in Antalya or a gastric balloon in Istanbul. You can trust medicalfly when deciding for your operation.

In the case of a gastric sleeve, the weight is less of a factor and the BMI (body mass index) is much more important. From a BMI of 35, a gastric sleeve can be carried out, this is determined on the basis of body height and weight.

Your Travel and Arrival

The stay for a gastric sleeve in Turkey usually lasts between 7 and 8 days.
Upon arrival, patients are picked up by the VIP transfer from the airport and, depending on the organization, brought to the hospital or hotel. Preliminary examinations are carried out with the patient before the operation. The doctor also introduces himself. An informative talk should take place and then the patient goes to the operating room A gastric sleeve operation usually takes around 45-60 minutes.

Both with your own organization and with the organization of medicalfly, there should always be space for companions. In the hospital there are usually guest beds and in the hotel is not a hurdle anyway. A companion certainly makes the process a lot easier for the patient because it’s all about feeling good.

The hospital stay is 4 days for a gastric sleeve.

The Operation

Yes, the gastric sleeve is performed laparoscopically (closed).

Yes, the gastric sleeve is performed under general anesthesia.

In the case of a gastric sleeve, 3-4 incisions are made, which are about 2-3 cm small.

After the operation

After the operation there is of course a rest period. And on the same day, the patient is mobilized. During the operation, a gas is inserted into the abdomen. In order to get rid of this gas, it’s recommended to have exercise. Therefore, depending on their well-being, patients are brought to their first steps as quickly as possible.

Mostly, patients are discharged from the hospital after 4 days after a gastric sleeve and the rest of the stay will be in the hotel. At the end of the stay, the patient is picked up from the hotel and driven to the airport.

Medicalfly also contacts you after your arrival and perform the follow up for you. Because now your journey is only just beginning!

After a gastric sleeve, it is important to stick to the 5 diet phases. In addition, all information provided by the nutritionist should be followed consistently.

It is different for everyone, and it depends, among other things, on your diet.

A lifelong diet is not necessary with a gastric sleeve, it is much more important to learn healthy eating habits again.

In the first 3 months there are 5 nutritional phases after the gastric sleeve operation (this development is similar to an infant) that each individual patient has to complete. Due to the small stomach capacity, it is easy for the patient to adapt to the phases very quickly. In these first 3 months, however, there are important “rules” that should be watched out.

The stages of post-operative nutrition

  • 1st phase (3 days): clear liquid phase
  • 2nd phase (5 days): liquid phase
  • 3rd phase (14 days): puree phase
  • 4th phase (from the 3rd week to the 3rd month): transition to soft food
  • 5th phase (from the 3rd month): transition to solid food

The rules in postoperative nutrition (in the first 3 months)

  • 1st rule: Spicy food is prohibited
  • 2nd rule: Spicy food is forbidden
  • 3rd rule: Eating / drinking only room temperature beverages
  • 4th rule:  Eat / drink every 30 minutes (over a longer period of time)
  • 5th rule: Keeping liquids and solid food separate when consuming. (For a long time)

The postoperative phase of gastric sleeve is a big change in the first 3 months and at the same time very exciting for everyone. It is a complete change in life, which is related to feelings of happiness, but also to discipline.

The gastric sleeve should not only serve for weight reduction, but also for the acquisition of a healthy diet and healthy eating habits. The low food intake enables you to learn a healthy and balanced diet, which makes it possible to achieve a long-term effect.

After the gastric sleeve, it is assumed in the first month that approx. 8-10% of the initial weight will be lost. You can support weight loss very well with physical exercise.

The weight reduction until the “normal weight” is reached normally takes 6-12 months.

Even with a gastric sleeve, it is possible that weight gain will occur again.

It is therefore very important that a healthy and balanced diet should be followed. After the gastric sleeve, you only have a stomach capacity of 15-20%.

Long-term success is 50% in the hands of the patient. It all depends on which foods the stomach is filled with. If you eat more and more unhealthy, high-fat and high-sugar foods, it can lead to weight gain.

You should wait about 6 months and the most important thing is to have breastfeeding stopped. The reason for this is that not enough nutrition is eaten after a gastric sleeve.

As soon as a year is over after a gastric sleeve, you can and are allowed to become pregnant.

At medicalfly, a two-year follow-up is available to all patients. Nobody has to go this way alone and is not left alone in these somewhat complicated times, which is why we support you in your post-operative period wherever we can.
If you have any questions about nutrition, physical complaints, wound healing, or just share your joy with us, we are there for you.

You will be asked for blood counts at regular intervals and about your current weight status. The blood counts are assessed by our cooperating surgeon, whereupon we give you feedback on your health situation. Your weight is always logged in the system so that the progress of the successes can be traced exactly. A nutritionist is also available for this. This cooperation keeps you motivated at all times, which makes it easier to achieve your desired weight.

In certain emergencies, we also have a general surgeon in Berlin who takes care of every matter and is at your side in such unpredictable situations, as well as for follow-up checks if necessary.

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