Transit Bipartition

The transit biparition, which can be translated as “intestinal division”, is a new type of surgical procedure, which is mainly used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes in connection with obesity.

Like most bariatric surgical procedures, the transit bipartition of Santoro is performed laparoscopically.

First of all, the conventional gastric sleeve is performed. In a second step, a connection is made between the lower part of the small intestine and the lower part of the stomach, the antrum. As a result, parts of the anatomy of the gastrointestinal tract remain intact, so that part of the food consumed can pass through the digestive passages in the normal way. The deficiency symptoms, which otherwise often occur with malabsorptive surgical techniques, can thus be significantly reduced.

The other part of the food goes directly to the lower small intestine, where it sets hormonal mechanisms in motion, which on the one hand lead to an earlier feeling of satiety and on the other hand improve the metabolic situation of the body.


We advise you personally or by telephone regarding transit bipartition, always in consultation with our partner surgeon.


The treatment takes place after detailed information and various examinations by our specialists.


You may start your new life with detailed nutritional advice – and we will stay by your side. Step by step, to the desired success.


Diabetes mellitus is an umbrella term for metabolic diseases that have high blood sugar levels in common.

The most common forms are type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease in which the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas are destroyed. So far, this form of diabetes can only be treated with regular insulin intake; there is still no cure.

Type 2 diabetes is characterized by a reduced sensitivity of the body’s cells to insulin – the cells can only absorb and burn a little glucose. On the other hand, the pancreas does not release enough insulin. In addition to hereditary predisposition, this can mainly be due to overweight and lack of exercise.

In type 2 diabetes in combination with advanced obesity, metabolic surgery such as transit bipartition can be used.

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Transit Bipartition Costs in Turkey

Transit Bipartition

from 5.200,00 €

Complete diagnostics – internal, cardiological and obesity diagnostics

3-4 nights in hospital incl. Catering

Complete transfer service


Blood draw and laboratory costs

German-speaking support

Post Operative follow up and emergency contact by our Partner Doctor in Germany

Personal advice

Control appointments

Medication in the hospital

Advice and support before and after the operation

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