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As a rule, all cosmetic operations are the same for men and women. However, breast augmentation and gynaecomastia in men are a special topic again and are therefore addressed separately here.

If you have any questions about breast reduction in gynecomastia in Turkey, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail. We will be happy to provide you with detailed information and give you the opportunity to get a personal impression of the plastic surgeon who is performing the procedure.


We at medicalfly can report on a long and successful cooperation with our partner clinics and doctors in Turkey. Breast reduction in Turkey is performed by the renowned plastic surgeon, who has been working with his qualified and trained team for many years.

Quality is always a priority. The medical technology is state of the art and is subject to regular inspections.

On site a driver is available to take care of your transfer from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the appointments at the hospital and back.

In addition, we support you at every step and are at your side for several months after breast reduction or gynecomastia. That way we can be sure that you will be looked after extensively by us.


A detailed description of how exactly breast augmentation is performed and what is associated with it can be found here. However, we would like to focus again on one special feature.

In principle, breast augmentation is the same for all sexes. Concerns must be raised, however, that people born as male usually have significantly less breast tissue than women. The silicone implant must therefore be positioned under the pectoral muscle, as this is the only way to achieve a natural result. This method is not separate as applied to women. Many very slim women who do not have enough own tissue decide to have an implant under their pectoral muscle. Placing the silicone implant on the pectoral muscle could allow the edges of the implant to shine through during exercise, which is why this method is generally referred to especially in native men.


Many men suffer from so-called gynecomastia, a female bust. The causes for this can be very varied and burden the affected persons enormously.

Puberty can be one of the deciding factors. Here the breast grows with the majority of the boys, however, in most cases it recedes again. In some cases, however, the breast remains in this condition and is particularly problematic in overweight boys.

If men consume anabolic steroids or if alcohol is consumed too frequently or too extensively, the liver cannot break down enough oestrogen, which often leads to gynecomastia. However, the aging process can also lead to a decrease in the production of male hormones, thus increasing the body fat percentage in the body and thus also the breast grows.

A gynecomastia can, however, also be caused by hormonal factors or be the cause of cirrhosis of the liver. In the worst case the male breast can indicate a breast cancer tumor.

If gynecomastia is not the result of breast cancer, those affected can opt for breast reduction.

Initially, it must be considered whether gynecomastia is mainly caused by excess fatty tissue or whether excess glandular tissue is also present.

If it concerns only fat tissue which must be removed, one proceeds with a simple liposuction. A small incision is made in the areola of the nipple, a narrow suction cannula is inserted into the tissue and the fatty tissue is carefully removed under local anaesthesia.

If there is an excess of glandular tissue, however, it must be removed via the same incision. If necessary, this should also be combined with liposuction.

In cases where a lot of tissue had to be removed, excess skin can occur. In this case, the patient can combine the reduction with a breast lift.

We would like to give you a rough overview of the procedure so that you can get an idea of how to get your gynecomastia in Turkey in advance.

First, you would have to contact us via e-mail or by phone. After you have told us about your wishes and all your questions have been clarified, we will ask you to send us pictures, which we will forward to our partner clinic in Turkey. After these have been evaluated by our plastic surgeon, we pass on all information to you and send you a quotation in writing.

If you decide to undergo the surgery, we will send you an order confirmation, which you must sign and return to us.

Your gynecomastia surgery in Turkey is completely organized and arranged by medicalfly. We take you by the hand from day one and support you every step along the way.

We clarify everything in advance in consultation with our partner clinic and partner doctors during a phone call, so that no questions or concerns remain unanswered.

We are also at your side in Turkey. As soon as you arrive at the airport, you will be picked up by a driver with English-speaking assistance and taken to our cooperation hotel.

The next day you will be escorted by the same driver to our partner clinic for a preliminary talk and the subsequent tigh lifting intervention.

As a rule, patients stay for two nights in hospital and are then brought back to the hotel and taken back for all further follow-up examinations. As long as you recover from the tigh lifting surgery you stay in the hotel until you are ready to take your flight home.

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Serious medical complications are very rare. However, patients must be aware that every surgical intervention always involves a certain risk.

General risks during gynecomastia surgery include infections, bleeding, thrombosis or poor tolerability during anaesthesia.


For many years, male self-esteem has been shaped by a well-formed penis, among other things. Penis size, thickness and functionality are taken into account.

Many men feel dissatisfied because they feel their penis is too small or too narrow. This can lead to psychological pressure, which is why many patients nowadays turn to the aesthetic and plastic surgery specialists at our partner clinics.

Penis enlargement and thickening are performed by specialists in aesthetic and plastic surgery. This operation is performed under general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia. The operation time is approx. 60-90 minutes.

During the intervention, the following steps take place:

  1. Dilution of the fat in the groin area
  2. Removal of the Penoscrotal network
  3. Partial loosening of the bonds corresponding to the 3-penis pelvic bones
  4. Injecting the fat removed from the body under the skin of the penis in order to thicken the penis
  5. PRP method – This method involves centrifuging the blood collected from the patient during surgery and injecting the blood plasma rich in thrombocytes into the fat before the fat is injected under the penis skin. This method ensures that the fats used to thicken the penis retain their vascularity and vitality. The PRP method gives the penis elasticity and prevents the injected fat from degrading over time. In addition the blood circulation of the penis is promoted.

No incision is made during the procedure. Only a small incision is made in the groin area of the penis root. There won’t be any scars on the penis itself. The patient can go to the toilet and urinate immediately after the procedure.

The procedure involves skin and subcutaneous tissue. It has no effect on the reproductive system and sexual function.

The patient is discharged the next day after the procedure. Self-dissolving sutures are used for the suture, so that the removal of the sutures by the doctor is not necessary. Sexual intercourse is prohibited for 4 weeks, but ejaculation can be achieved by other methods.

How much the penis enlarges depends on several factors. These include the elasticity of the tissue, the previous penis size or, in the case of circumcision, the quality of the circumcision.

However, it can be said that an average extension of 2-4 cm is expected.

You can also get a penis enlargement for a good price in our partner clinics in Turkey. The expertise of the physicians and the advanced medical technology in Turkey make it possible to perform the procedure with minimal risks.

The professional competences at medicalfly work closely together with the partner clinic in Turkey in order to support you from day one.


Varicocele, the most common cause of male infertility; is a disease that leads to a decrease in sperm quality. The varicocele, which can show various symptoms, e.g. pain in the scrotum and its surroundings, tuber formation of the veins on the testicles and sensitivity in the testicles; can be treated with a varicocelectomy.

The golden rule in the treatment of varicocele is microsurgical varicocelectomy. During the procedure, the veins surrounding the testicles are clearly displayed; the veins, which are both varicose veins and aspiring varicose veins, are connected. While the risk of recurrence of varicose vein disease can be eliminated, the risk of postoperative complications can be minimized.

At an advanced age, plaque formation in the penis, which hardens the tubes, can cause the penis to bend. This health problem, defined as Peyronie’s disease, can cause the penis to bend in different directions, shorten the penis and cause pain during erection and erection problems. Advanced penis curvature can make sexual intercourse impossible.

Peyronie’s disease, as a result of men with penile curvature problems, is treated with surgical methods. By removing hard plates that are formed in the sleeves around the tubes to ensure hardening, the curvature of the penis can be corrected by andrology experts.

If the penis is unable to provide satisfactory sexual intercourse for men and women, or if the erection cannot be continued, this is called erectile dysfunction. Although the problem of erectile dysfunction in men over the age of 40 is generally regarded as sexual dysfunction, it can also affect young men.

According to the extensive tests and results of Doppler ultrasound, men with mild and moderate erosion problems can regain their hardening functions with Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT).

Problems such as penis thinness, penis shortening and penis curvature, which prevent both men and women from having an erection during sexual intercourse, are called penis deformities. All deformities in the penis can be treated by surgical Oloji methods of andrologists.

Penis enlargement can be used on men whose penis length is below average, whereby a penis enlargement of 3 – 4 cm can be achieved during erection. Thus, sexual intercourse can be more satisfying for both men and sexual partners.

The results of penis enlargement are permanent. With advancing age, however, a shrinkage of the penis can occur in all men. This change is seen in all older men who have undergone penis enlargement or not.

If the penis diameter is smaller than the ideal size, the vaginal canal cannot be filled with the penis during intercourse. Therefore, both men and women cannot enjoy sexual intercourse. For men who have problems with penis size, self-fat injections can help and penis volume can be increased.

Erectile dysfunction is not only a problem with advancing age; performance anxiety, smoking, diseases of the central nervous system, low testosterone levels and vascular problems can lead to young people also being affected. Before treating erectile dysfunction, hormone tests, blood tests and Doppler ultrasound of the penis should be performed.

  • If there are problems with the vascular system or if there is no blood supply to the penis through veins that supply the penis.
  • Other erectile dysfunctions are present
  • Men who have no problems with general health are considered suitable candidates for penile prosthetics.

Premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and penis deformities (fineness, brevity and curvature) are observed in 50% to 70% of men worldwide. The most common sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation, is erectile dysfunction.

The sperm quality of men who suffer from varicocele disease and sperm quality and are confronted with the problem of infertility increases after varicocelectomy surgery. The chance of having a baby thus increases both naturally and through assisted reproductive techniques.

The curvature of the penis does not only occur with increasing age; the curvature problem of the penis is recognizable from birth. The curvature of the penis, which is usually observed in adolescence or after sexual intercourse, can be treated by surgical methods.