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Eye Laser Surgery (Femto-Lasik and ReLEx Smile) in Turkey with medicalfly

Many people today have vision problems. People who have visual impairment for many reasons such as genetic reasons, eye structure, working conditions, screens and monitors may have to use glasses since childhood or contact lenses after a certain age.

Continuous contact lens wear can dry out the eyes in the long run, and wearing glasses is described by some as uncomfortable and challenging. In addition, some people may want to get rid of glasses because of the appearance. At this point, eye laser surgeries are procedures that have been routinely performed for a long time and can be considered very low-risk operations. The surgery performed in short time increases the quality of life tremendously.

You can take the first step towards your visual impairments by contacting medicalfly. You can get all the detailed information you need about the operation, free consultancy from our partners and our team to find the answers to all your questions. In addition to medicalfly’s 15 years of experience and strong partners in the health tourism sector, you can choose to have eye laser surgery in Turkey with medicalfly for the following reasons:

  • If you are uncomfortable using glasses
  • If you are uncomfortable using contact lenses and these lenses dry your eyes
  • If your eye numbers and visual defects are suitable for laser treatment
  • If your corneal thickness is suitable for the procedure
  • If you want to benefit from the long-standing experience and modern methods of ophthalmologists in Turkey

You can contact the medicalfly team to get a personalized treatment plan and find out whether you are suitable for the operation and the eye laser surgery method to use.


We will advise you personally or by telephone regarding the laser eye surgery in consultation with our partner surgeon


The treatment takes place after detailed information and discussion examinations by our partner surgeon and specialist in ophthalmology


You start your life with a new feeling – and we will stay by your side: your well-being is still important to us and you can contact us again at any time

With the medicalfly guarantee

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You can contact our team anytime or fill in the contact form in order to receive an individual treatmen plan after consulting our partner doctors and detailed information about your desired treatment. With our medicalfly guarantee, we not only advise you before the operation, but also support you in the procedure afterwards for a certain period of time for a unique experience.

Types of Eye Laser Surgery in Turkey: Femto-Lasik and ReLEx Smile

As medical technology progresses, different methods have been developed in eye laser surgeries, which can be considered as one of the most important discoveries of modern medicine. By these methods, the vision disorders are corrected and efforts have been made to improve the comfort of the patients, optimize the recovery process, improve the vision and shorten the duration of the procedure. While aiming all these, minimizing the interventions by hand and reducing the invasive were also possible thanks to the developing technology.

Eye laser surgeries performed in Turkey for many years have enabled doctors to specialize in this field and facilitated the application of current technologies. Today, ReLEx Smile and Femto-Lasik methods are among the most widely used eye laser surgery techniques in Turkey.

ReLEx Smile in Turkey

The ReLEx Smile method represents the most modern technology of today’s laser eye surgery. The result of the Femto-Lasik procedure is clearly similar to the ReLEx-Smile method, but ReLEx SMILE has some advantages over the Femto-Lasik method.

Unlike Femto-Lasik, instead of opening a large flap on the cornea, the procedure can be performed by making an incision of only 2-3 mm in length. This process makes the ReLEx Smile method less invasive and therefore carries less risk.

With the VisuMax laser, thin corneal lens is first created (lenticule) in the intact cornea. Then, depending on the structure of the patient’s cornea, access is provided with the help of this incision of approximately 3 mm. The lenticule is then removed through this incision. This process minimally affects the biomechanics of the cornea as significantly fewer nerve fibers are irritated.

Removal of the lenticule regulates the refraction of light due to the change of the cornea, thereby increasing vision. This method is a new procedure that is not offered in every eye laser center. In short, the advantages of the ReLEx Smile method can be listed as follows;

  • No large flap is created in the cornea
  • Only a short recovery period is achieved thanks to a minimal incision
  • No dry-eyes is expected after the operation

Femto-Lasik in Turkey

Mechanical tools are not used in the Femto-Lasik method. For the operation, an incision must be made in the uppermost corneal layer, which creates a “flap” that can be opened later. In the Femto-Lasik method, this incision is made with a laser, which means that significantly stronger visual impairments can also be corrected.

After the “flap” is folded to the side, poor vision improves with just a few seconds of operation for both eyes. Here, defects in the cornea are corrected by laser so that the refraction of light is precisely adjusted to the retina. The “flap” is then closed again and allowed to heal on its own. The healing process takes about three weeks.

Femto-Lasik optimized for Wavefront

The Wavefront method helps improve vision in poor light conditions such as darkness or glare. For this, the refractive errors of the patient are analyzed. It creates a kind of an eye map showing all the refractive errors for more precise modeling of the cornea and the treatment is then carried out.

How is the Femto-Lasik and ReLEx Smile Process in Turkey?

According to your visual impairment, corneal thickness, age and eye numbers; our partner specialist decides whether you are suitable for the operation or which operation you are suitable for.

Before the operation, a number of sensitive eye examinations are performed and the necessary information is evaluated by the doctor. The procedure is performed with special devices in a sterile operating room, and the operation itself takes about 15-20 minutes.

After the procedure, you will be asked to use some prescription eye drops and protective glasses. The next inspection is done the next day of the procedure and the process is completed in this way.

Femto-Lasik and ReLEx Smile Prices and Financial Solutions in Turkey

To get information about Femto-Lasik and ReLEx Smile prices in Turkey with medicalfly, you can click here, contact our team, or fill out the form.

However, medicalfly’s 15 years of experience in health tourism also creates opportunities for our clients living in Germany and Austria. They can reach our experienced, reliable, transparent, fast lending partner institutions here, and have the opportunity to have financial solutions for their Femto-Lasik or ReLEx Smile operations in Turkey.


from 1.290 €

Eye Drop

2 nights in a 4 **** hotel incl. breakfast


from 2.190 €

Eye Drop

2 nights in a 4 **** hotel incl. breakfast

Always included

Complete transfer service


Blood draw and laboratory costs

German and English speaking support

Post Operative follow up and emergency contact by our Partner Doctor in Germany

Personal advice

Control appointments

Medication in the hospital

Advice and support before and after the operation

What are the Risks of Eye Laser Operation?

Serious medical complications are very rare. However, the patient should be aware that every surgical procedure always carries a certain risk. Many patients report dry eyes or increased sensitivity to light. However, these symptoms decrease after the first three months. In addition, short-term side effects such as eye redness, itching, burning may occur.


As medicalfly, we never leave you alone during the whole process. Your unique experience will begin by contacting us and getting a free consultation from our team about the eye laser treatment. You will receive a treatment plan tailored for you by our partner specialists and once your appointment date is determined, we will handle the entire reservation process for you. On arrival, our VIP transfer service will pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel or hospital. Our German and English speaking team members will meet you and guide you through the process. After meeting with the ophthalmologist and getting detailed information, the surgery will take place. After discharge, you will be taken to your hotel with our VIP transfer service. On the day you leave, you will be brought to the airport and the medicalfly team will continue to be in contact with you after your operation. We will always be by your side.

medicalfly team members will always be with you. German and English-speaking teammates of medicalfly or its partner hospital will perform all translation and personal assistance services during your eye laser procedure in Turkey.

As medicalfly, we carefully consider and plan all the steps and we do not leave you alone even after you return. We will keep in touch with you for your results and feedback for up to one year after you return to your country.

It is normal to experience dryness, tenderness, burning, itching and redness in the eyes for about 6 hours after the procedure.

You can return to your normal life approximately 24 hours after the procedure. It is strongly recommended that you use your medicines as recommended by the doctor. You may need to wear sunglasses, as the sun’s rays can cause discomfort.

With this operation, your total stay in Turkey will be planned as 3 or 4 days in a 4-star hotel booked by medicalfly. You will not be hospitalized during your stay and your transportation will be organized by medicalfly.

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