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Many people have poor eyesight. Those affected know only too well the great stress of being dependent on glasses or contact lenses, sometimes since childhood.

The constant use of contact lenses can dry out the eyes in the long run, but having to always wear glasses is perceived by some as an aesthetic flaw.

Laser eye surgery is a very low-risk procedure, which has long been a routine procedure, but in individual cases it increases the quality of life enormously.

Are you one of those people who suffer from poor eyesight? Dare to take the step to laser eye surgery and a new you!

Our partner clinics enjoy a very high reputation worldwide and are proven to offer the best medical standards. Medicalfly will be happy to accompany you from day one, support you every step of the way and, if you wish, take over the entire organization.


We will advise you personally or by telephone regarding the laser eye surgery in consultation with our partner surgeon


The treatment takes place after detailed information and discussion examinations by our partner surgeon and specialist in ophthalmology


You start your life with a new feeling – and we will stay by your side: your well-being is still important to us and you can contact us again at any time

Why laser eye surgery?

Our poor eyesight is largely due to our genes. How susceptible we are to various factors that are said to lead to worsening poor eyesight is also genetic. This means that someone can sit close to their screen for the rest of their lives without experiencing a noticeable deterioration in sight weakness, while others who are far less exposed to their screens have worse consequences for their eyesight. The aging process also affects people differently. This is how we see that we have no real influence on our poor eyesight.

ReLEx Smile

The ReLExsmile method represents the most modern technology of laser eye surgery today. The visual result of Femto-Lasik is demonstrably similar to that of the ReLEx-Smile method, but the ReLEx SMILE has some advantages. It differs from Femto-Lasik because instead of a “flap”, only a 2-3 mm long incision has to be made in the cornea. This makes the ReLExsmile method less invasive and therefore carries fewer risks.

The VisuMax laser first creates a thin corneal lens, the lenticle in the intact cornea. Then it makes a small access in the form of an approx. 3 mm long incision, depending on the nature of the patient’s cornea. The lenticule is then removed through the incision. This process only slightly affects the biomechanics of the cornea, since significantly fewer nerve fibers are irritated.

Removing the lenticle causes the cornea to change, resulting in the desired refraction that improves eyesight. The method is a new procedure which is not offered in every eye laser center.

  • No extensive opening of the cornea (“flap”)
  • Only a short healing process due to a minimal incision
  • No dry eyes after the operation


The Femto-Lasik method does not require mechanical aids. For the operation, an incision has to be made in the uppermost corneal layer, which creates the so-called “flap”, a kind of lamella that can then be opened like a hinge. With the Femto-Lasik method, this incision is made with a laser, which means that significantly stronger visual impairments can be corrected. In the past, a minimum corneal thickness was a prerequisite, due to which patients with particularly thin corneas were not admitted to the operation. The precise technique means that far better results can be achieved for all patients. After the “flap” has been folded to the side, the poor eyesight is corrected, which only takes a few seconds for both eyes. Here, malformations of the cornea are corrected by the laser in such a way that the refraction of light is precisely set on the retina. Then the “flap” is closed again, which sucks in by itself.

The healing process takes about three weeks.

Wavefront-optimised Femto-Lasik
The wavefront method helps to improve vision in poor light conditions, such as in the dark or when there is glare. For this, the refractive power errors of the patient are analyzed, through which the images are accepted as consumed. This creates a kind of map of the eye that shows all refractive errors for more precise modeling of the cornea.

Serious medical complications are very rare. However, the patient must be aware that every surgical procedure always carries a certain risk.

Many patients report dry eyes or greater sensitivity to light. However, these symptoms subside after the first three months.

Femto Lasik Costs in Turkey

Femto Lasik

from 1.290,00 €

eye drop

2 nights in a 4 **** hotel incl. breakfast

Complete transfer service

Post Operative follow up and emergency contact by our Partner Doctor in Germany

Blood draw and laboratory costs

German-speaking support

Personal advice

Control appointments

Medication in the hospital

Advice and support before and after the operation

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