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Before the Operation

If you want a healthier life with less weight, you will look in vain for a solution. Be it diets, different types of sports, etc. There is a large selection for losing weight, but the success is usually very low. If the kgs or pounds that have been lost come back quickly, the confidence sinks back rapidly. At this point, many people consider surgical interventions.

Compared to Germany, there are much lower costs abroad, which means that many people prefer an operation abroad. Medical tourism agencies are always by your side to prepare for your new life free from all organizational matters. These health tourism agencies in Germany specialize in organizing operations in Turkey. This means that they plan the entire process for you. They book the flights for you, organize your accommodation in the hotel, look after you personally on site and of course with German-speaking staff. They have a transfer that always takes the patients to their hospital appointments. In short; we as medicalfly are always there for you! But that’s not all! What happens when you are back in Germany? If you have had a gastric sleeve, you will have another 24 months of follow-up care by medicalfly. You will receive a nutrition plan and personal advice, and you will be asked to send us your current blood counts at regular intervals. These are presented to our partner doctor and evaluated. You will of course be informed afterwards!

According to the latest studies from the “WHO European Regional Obesity Report 2022”, rates of overweight and obesity are increasing rapidly, especially in the member states of Europe. The study states that one third of children and almost two thirds of adults struggle with obesity. In Europe, 1.2 million people die every year as a result of obesity.

As you can see from the study, obesity is a problem that really affects a lot of people. Countless people struggle with being overweight and unfortunately can no longer shed the excess weight on their own. If there are additional risks of concomitant diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, circulatory diseases, dyslipidemia, stroke, fatty liver and heart attack are present, the surgical intervention is in no case a cosmetic intervention.

A gastric sleeve in Turkey would be the best solution at this point!

At much cheaper prices than in Germany, you will find an option for your intervention in the most modern hospitals in Turkey, equipped with the latest technologies and with the best medical staff.

The sleeve gastrectomy would be the beginning of your new life. Of course, the whole process also brings changes in the life. After the sleeve operation, the nutrition is also very important ! For a certain time, only small portions are on the menu! But don’t let that deter you, because you won’t have an appetite anymore. Of course, we don’t leave you alone during this change in the life.

You will have a nutritionist by their side for 24 months and we are always there to support you as medicalfly!

Izmir is considered the center for gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey. With its very high success rates and low prices, surgeries in Turkey are becoming more and more popular.

Patients from all over the world come for different procedures for much lower prices than in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. For a gastric sleeve in Turkey, the alternatives are very wide, which leads to high competition. In that case, health tourism agencies are available to you as a bridge for these operations. They work together with specialized doctors in renowned hospitals.

The cost difference for a stomach reduction plays a major role. In Germany or Europe, the costs for a stomach reduction are only covered by health insurance companies under very high requirements. Not only the costs, but the effort in general is a major obstacle for many interested individuals. If the BMI is around 40, this procedure is medically necessary. In Germany you still have to prove several failed diets in advance, of course under medical supervision. These steps represent a psychological burden for many.

If you want to get closer to your goal of a healthier life, you can have the gastric sleeve at lower costs in Turkey and thus reach your ideal weight.

The cost saving is one of the many benefits of opting for stomach reduction surgery in Turkey.

When it comes to gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey, not only the price but also the service that is provided is a big consideration.

A German and English-speaking support is always with you on site. You will be operated on by specialists in a renowned hospital with the most modern medical care.

Whether a gastric sleeve surgery in Istanbul, a gastric sleeve surgery in Antalya or a sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Izmir, the offers for a bariatric surgery in Turkey can hardly be listed. There are now countless providers of gastric sleeve and bypass surgeries in Turkey. These are not just limited to gastric sleeve surgery, other bariatric procedures such as gastric bands, gastric bypasses or gastric balloons are also very often offered in Turkey. The selection of the provider is decisive for the success of this surgery in Turkey – regardless of whether it is a gastric sleeve surgery in Izmir, a gastric band in Antalya or a gastric balloon in Istanbul.

With a gastric sleeve, the weight does not play a major role. The decisive factor is the BMI (Body Mass Index). If you have a BMI of 35 or more, you can already have a bariatric surgery. However, the procedure is medically necessary if the BMI is over 40. The BMI is determined individually according to the height and weight of the patient.

Your Travel and Arrival

The stay for a gastric sleeve in Turkey usually lasts between 5 and 6 days.
Upon arrival, patients are picked up by the VIP transfer from the airport and, depending on the organization, brought to the hospital or hotel. Preliminary examinations are carried out with the patient before the operation. The doctor also introduces himself. An informative talk should take place and then the patient goes to the operating room A gastric sleeve operation usually takes around 45-60 minutes.

Companions are of course always welcome, but it is not absolutely necessary, as there is always someone to look after you. The well-being of the patients is our top priority, so your decision is decisive here. The hospital has suitable beds for the accompanying persons. During your accommodation in the hotel or apartment, you can request separate single or double rooms. However, you should definitely tell our staff about your accompanying person in advance so that your organization runs smoothly.

The hospital stay is 4 days for a gastric sleeve.

The Operation

Yes, the gastric sleeve is performed laparoscopically (closed).

Yes, the gastric sleeve is performed under general anesthesia.

In the case of a gastric sleeve, 3-4 incisions are made, which are about 2-3 cm small.

After the operation

After the operation, the patient recovers for a while. He is mobilized the same day. In order to obtain better accessibility and visibility during the operation, the abdomen is filled with a gas. Of course, this excess gas has to be discharged again, which is best managed with a lot of movement. For this reason, patients are often tempted to keep moving, of course depending on their well-being. On the 4th day after the operation, the follow-up examinations are carried out and then the patient is discharged from the hospital. The transfer takes the patient to the hotel, where he/she can recover for another day.

On the following day, the patient is picked up from the hotel and driven to the airport. But our journey doesn’t end here, because now it’s just beginning! From the time of the return journey, we accompany our clients for a further 24 months, which means that they will still be in contact with us!

After a gastric sleeve, it is important to stick to the 3 diet phases. In addition, all information provided by the nutritionist should be followed consistently.

It is different for everyone, and it depends, among other things, on your diet.

A lifelong diet is not necessary with a gastric sleeve, it is much more important to learn healthy eating habits again.

After the gastric sleeve, it is assumed in the first month that approx. 8-10% of the initial weight will be lost. You can support weight loss very well with physical exercise.

The weight reduction until the “normal weight” is reached normally takes 6-12 months.

Even with a gastric sleeve, it is possible that weight gain will occur again.

It is therefore very important that a healthy and balanced diet should be followed. After the gastric sleeve, you only have a stomach capacity of 15-20%.

Long-term success is 50% in the hands of the patient. It all depends on which foods the stomach is filled with. If you eat more and more unhealthy, high-fat and high-sugar foods, it can lead to weight gain.

At medicalfly, all patients have access to a two-year follow-up care. Nobody has to walk this path alone and is not left alone in these somewhat complicated times, which is why we support you in your progress wherever we can.

If you have any questions about nutrition, physical complaints, wound healing, or just share your joy with us, we are there for you.

Blood tests will be requested from you at certain monthly intervals and you will be asked about your current weight. The blood counts will be assessed by our cooperation surgeon, after which we will give you feedback on your health situation. Your weight is always logged in the system so that the course of success can be traced exactly. A nutritionist is also available to you. This cooperation keeps you motivated, which makes it easier to achieve your desired weight.

In certain emergencies, we also have a general surgeon in Berlin who takes care of every matter and is at your side in such unpredictable situations, as well as for follow-up checks if necessary.

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